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PHP WEB HOSTING - KenyaMany companies in the industry provide PHP hosting services. Only Javascript programming language is popular than PHP today when it comes to dynamic web development. The use of PHP is growing fast because its language is easier to understand and is free. You have an advantage if you develop your website with PHP because it is faster. Mambo Microsystems Ltd can help you create a website that can run Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and any other system on your server that manages content. You first need to buy PHP hosting because the software above depends on PHP for scripting.

If you are currently working on a web project, then it is imperative to buy PHP hosting, it will help you create a dynamic website and quickly cover your expenses. It is important if you will be improving and adding details to your site.

When you buy PHP hosting it will be easier to customize and modify your website to suit your needs. It will also make it easier for your clients to navigate your site. What's more, you can publish or update new materials to your site with ease to make your site lively at all times. If you have an existing website, do not worry, Mambo Microsystems Ltd has experts who can help you develop it without damaging the existing content.

Here's is why you should buy PHP hosting from Mambo:

  • It has a simple programming language.
  • It does not require licensing.
  • It is fast.
  • It is compatible with a different software.
  • Easy to customize.


Ksh 3000 per year
  • Free domain Name
  • 15 GB RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 1 website
  • 10 emails accounts
  • 10 MYSQL databases
  • Free Cpanel


Ksh 9000 Per Year
  • Free domain Name
  • Unlimited GB RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited emails accounts
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases
  • Free SSL Certificate


I needed to buy PHP hosting but had no idea how to get the best hosts. My site is now super-fast, thanks to Mambo Microsystems Ltd. Thank you guys!

Gloria King, Rwanda.