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Reseller hosting is one of the services offered by Mambo Microsystems. As part of our efforts to take care of the needs of our different clients, we designed reseller hosting packages for clients who want to venture in web hosting business. Since 2006 , we have been providing reseller hosting to individuals and companies who further divide the plan into smaller packages for resale. Mambo Microsystems is one of the few web hosting companies that has made people’s dreams of owning web hosting firms a reality. We believe in endless possibilities and that is what we have been delivering and still deliver to our reseller hosting clients.

About Our Packages

Just like other categories of clients, our reseller hosting clients are catered for differently. Mambo Microsystems has designed different packages for each of our target customers. Every package has features that suite the individual needs of clients. These are the packages our reseller hosting clients choose from:

  • Aluminium plan.

This package is targeted to the small-scale reseller hosting clients. With the aluminium plan, Mambo Microsystems clients are able to enjoy 50 giga bytes disk space and a bandwidth of 250 giga bytes at a monthly fee of Kshs 2500 ($29.99).

  • Silver plan.

This is the other package that Mambo Microsystems offers to clients. Unlike the aluminium plan, the silver plan is targeted to reseller hosting clients who need more. The silver plan comes along with 80 giga bytes worth of disk place and 500 giga bytes bandwidth. We provide the silver plan reseller hosting package to clients for $49.99 per month.

  • Gold plan.

 Gold plan is the last and largest package we provide to our reseller hosting clients. The features of the gold plan include 120 giga bytes disk space as well as 750 giga bytes bandwidth. Mambo Microsystems charges $49.99 for gold plan reseller hosting packages every month.


Apart from the unique features that come along with each reseller hosting package, Mambo Microsystems always throws in an added benefit for each group of clients. These features either come with the package or give the client the freedom to add or create other features depending on your needs. Some of the features a reseller hosting firm is allowed to create are:

      MYSQL databases.

      File Transfer Protocol accounts.


 All of our reseller hosting packages have these features:


      Image magick.

      Chilisoft ASP.


      Ruby, PHP 5, python, on rails, perl.


      Front page.

All our reseller hosting accounts also have unlimited access to e-mails tools like:

      Mail forwarding.

      Spam assassin.

      Mailing list.

      Auto responders.

      Email alias.

      Web mail.

      POP3 accounts.

      IMAP and SMTP Support.


Reseller hosting accounts from Mambo Microsystems are designed to give each client maximum benefits of web hosting. At Mambo Microsystems, we provide reseller hosting accounts to our clients which they use to create other accounts for their clients. Once a reseller hosting account owner has set up all the other accounts he or she needs, everyone is allowed to manage their account. Mambo Microsystems never interferes with the operations on their clients. All the benefits that come along with reseller hosting accounts are usually left to the client who owns that account. If you want to start a web hosting firm, reseller hosting is the best way for you to start!