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FTP Hosting


FTP hosting is one of the systems developed for websites that often receive, send or share large files regularly.At Mambo Microsystems, we customize our FTP hosing services to cater for each of our clients needs. Our File Transfer Protocol hosting services will definitely provide you with a perfect solution for your needs! We provide a range of FTP hosting services for web developers, graphic design firms and other businesses that requires these services. Data storage and sharing should not cause you nightmares anymore because Mambo Microsystems has professionals who have the expertise and will to help you make the best use of your data storage. Our FTP hosting services allow clients to access an effective and fast way of manging their files through our file transfer protocol server.

About Our FTP Hosting

Just like many other commercial web hosting firms, Mambo Microsystems has structured FTP hosting in a way that gives clients maximum benefits. FTP hosting is meant for those who send large files like videos, audio files and other documents. Usually, transcriptionists allow for the uploading and downloading of smaller files and therefore can be very slow and unreliable for clients who need speed. When we are designing FTP hosting packages for our clients, we do not hold back advantages from our clients. We always do our best to tailor-make a perfect fit solution for you.

Features of FTP Hosting

The FTP hosting accounts Mambo Microsystems provides to clients usually allow clients to do much more than what they would have been able to do with a shared web hosting account. Some of the features that are tagged along with our FTP hosting accounts include:

  • Unlimited use:-

Unlike many other web hosting firms, Mambo Microsystems allows clients to make the best out of their FTP hosting accounts. We do not levy extra charges on our clients for using extra disk space and bandwidth. With unlimited use, our FTP hosting clients are able to get more value for less!

  • Customized access of files:-

At Mambo Microsystems, we understand that not all files sent or received by our clients can be accessed by everyone. To increase the security level of our FTP hosting, we have made it possible for clients to define the file access level. This makes it possible for a file owner to limit access of their files to the people who are authorised by them.

  • Fast file transfer:-

One of the reasons why most people opt for FTP hosting solutions is because they need speed. Most file transfer systems usually have a size limit making it either impossible or very slow to send a file. With the FTP hosting packages provided by Mambo Microsystems, it is possible to send or share a file as big as 1 GB! What’s even better, it will take you a very short time to do so!

  • Multiple users access:-

Mambo Microsystems provides clients with file transfer protocol accounts that can have more than one FTP account group and users. With our FTP hosting, clients are also able to create accounts for multiple users and also set different privileges for each account. While clients can ensure security of their accounts, Mambo Microsystems also protects FTP hosting accounts through encryption. Our security system is reliable enough to ensure that multiple user accounts used by our clients are safe enough for use.