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Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated hosting is an internet hosting service that allows clients to use the server they have leased alone. Compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting is far much more better because the client usually has unlimited access to the server they are using. Dedicated hosting is becoming a better preference for many clients today because of various reasons which include:


  • Maximum security:-

Shared servers always come along with many risks. In most cases, clients who result to using dedicated hosting services from Mambo Microsystems cite hacking and viruses as the major challenge with shared servers. Our dedicated hosting services usually come a long with features that guarantee security to each of our clients.


  • Customized settings:-

Clients who rely on shared hosting services usually have to comply with the restrictions provided by the shared server. With our dedicated hosting solutions, clients of Mambo Microsystems get the freedom to customize their dedicated server options. Clients who are using dedicated hosting servers can choose their preferred operating system, softwares and other applications for their sites.


  • Access:-

With shared hosting, clients usually have to comply with the settings set for the entire server. At times, web hosting clients who prefer to share their content with others cannot do so because the server does not allow for that. With dedicated hosting , our clients can be able to authorize access to users without being limited by the settings of the server.


While dedicated hosting may seem like the best option for most clients, Mambo Microsystems advises all clients to weigh their options before making a final decisions. At Mambo Microsystems, we provide clients with dedicated hosting services that best solve their problem. Apart from providing customized dedicated hosting solutions, we provide services that give each clients a great value for the money they pay us. Our dedicated hosting packages are:

  • Starter.
  • Elite.
  • Advanced.


Each of these packages comes with different features because Mambo Microsystems understands the needs of our clients are different. Every package is charged differently depending on its features too.

Dedicated Hosting Features

      Starter plan features:-

DDR memory-1024 Mega Bytes.

Hard Drive-80 giga bytes. SATA.

Bandwidth-1500 giga bytes.

IP address-5.


      Elite plan features:-

DDR memory-1024 Mega Bytes.

Hard Drive-250 giga bytes SATA.

Bandwidth-2500 giga bytes.

IP address-10.


      Advanced plan features:-

DDR memory-4096 Mega Bytes.

Hard Drive-500 giga bytes SATA.

Bandwidth-2500 giga bytes.

IP address-10.


More businesses and websites today are shifting to dedicated hosting because of the reliability and security it gives. The advantages of using dedicated hosting are numerous. To enjoy the benefits, clients need to have a reliable service provider for the same. Since its inception, Mambo Microsystems has dedicated all its resources and intellectual property in ensuring that every client we serve feels impact of our expertise and services. Clients who prefer to have root access and total control of their servers can order for dedicated hosting on Mambo Microsystems today!


Dedicated hosting is offered at the most affordable price for the different packages we offer clients. With dedicated hosting, our clients can be able to do all that they need so as to ensure that their business or websites grow. Mambo Microsystems has professionals who are highly qualified and always willing to assist. Besides the provision of dedicated hosting services, they provide other web hosting services too.