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Magento Hosting

Magento has grown very fast to become one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. This software has become a business companion for many companies. With the opportunities created by the global village, every company is trying to make their products available to as many people in the world. Magento hosting has helped many many many brand loyal customers to get their favorite brands therefore expanding the business scope and market for businesses. Bearing the risky nature of e-commerce transactions, magento hosting has been left to web hosting firms that have the infrastructure, capacity and ability. Mambo Microsystems is one of the few companies that have the permission to do magneto hosting. Being a certified web hosting company, Mambo Microsystems is well-placed to provide you with top notch hosting services for your business.

Why Choose Us?

Magento hosting is one of the online services most web hosting firms are yet to start offering. To offer magento hosting services, web hosting firms usually have to apply for hosting partnership from the magento parent company. Companies that receive the partnership certificate usually have to pass a criteria set by the e-commerce software developers. Mambo Microsystems passed the criteria set by magento because:

  • Secure.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Expertise.
  • Reputation.


E-commerce has brought about business growth for many companies. Today, companies can sell and receive money for their products or services thanks to services like magento hosting. Apart from the advantages, technology advancement has brought about very many vices some of which put a stumbling block for e-commerce. As a magento hosting firm, Mambo Microsystems has put in place all security measures to ensure that the security of the companies we provide magento hosting solutions to and that of their clients is safe. Our magento hosting solutions have passed the minimum standard set for e-commerce hosting sites therefore companies can always feel safe when making us their host.


E-commerce does not operate in a vacuum. For a company to effectively conduct business online, they need to have the facilities. Bearing in mind that most companies do not have these facilities, Mambo Microsystems has invested heavily in softwares, applications and anything else that makes magento hosting work smoothly. Apart from investing in infrastructure to serve our customers effectively, we also expand our capacity to be able to take care of the increasing demand for magento hosting.


Magento hosting is a complex operation that requires expertise in precision. Bearing in mind that magento hosting deals with business transactions, much more is needed of a hosting company. Mambo Microsystems a team of highly qualified professions whose work is to ensure that magento hosting works perfectly for each of our clients. Having experience in the operations of magento hosting makes them the best people for this kind of job. At Mambo Microsystems, your magento site will be monitored on a 24/7 basis and will have the fastest operations to ensure that business runs well and as fast as possible!


Every web hosting company cannot become a magento hosting partner. To become a partner, Mambo Microsystems had to pass several tests and prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are capable of delivering customer value. Over the years, we have been tested and we have proved that we are reliable therefore you can trust us to provide excellent magento hosting services to you.