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Free and Fast Site Transfer

Site transfer is always a difficult task and most web hosting firms go through so much trouble to successfully complete the procedure. Although free and fast site transfer is available to clients, the process usually involves technicalities that often eliminate the chances of fulfilling guarantees! When transferring sites to Mambo Microsystems, our team of professionals often do their so as to eliminate any occurrences of errors that can damage or cause the loss of files, databases or applications. Although we offer free and fast file transfer, we do not compromise on the quality of our services at any given time! Mambo Microsystems is undeniably one of the most reliable web hosts that provide free and fast site transfer.

What we transfer:-

Websites usually has content that fills disk space of up to 500 giga bytes. The volume of this content is what makes free and fast site transfer at Mambo Microsystems a somewhat difficult task. We have a highly qualified team of technicians who do all the work in site transfer. Our free and fast file transfer usually carries content like:

  • Website files.
  • Databases.


Apart from transferring these files, Mambo Microsystems team also does the following:

  • Reconfiguring applications to match the destination settings which is Mambo Microsystems.
  • Pointing site domain to Mambo Microsystems servers.


How free and fast site transfer works

Site transfer requires technical expertise and the best infrastructure to be fulfilling! To give each client the value of our free and fast site transfer services, Mambo Microsystems has employed professionals who work on a 24/7 basis to transfer all the files and databases a client wants to host with us. Apart from having experienced and skilled professionals, Mambo Microsystems also has invested in proper infrastructure to facilitate free and fast site transfer.

Website files transfer:-

Website transfer is not very difficult compared to other content and applications. When they are processing any free site transfer, the experts at Mambo Microsystems always rely on file transfer protocol. With file transfer protocol, they are always able to facilitate the downloading of web files from the client’s current host and upload them to Mambo Microsystems. Usually, they upload all these files to our main account so as to facilitate fast site transfer.

  • Databases transfer:-

Compared to website files, transferring of databases is a little bit more complex. Bearing in mind the risks involved in free and fast site transfer, our experts always advise clients to back-up all their databases and files before initiating a transfer process. At this stage of our free and fast site transfer, databases are exported from the old web hosting account. Once the export has been completed successfully, the next is usually the creation of a new database at Mambo Microsystems. This is the account all the databases are imported to.

  • Configuration of applications:-

Configuration of applications during our free and fast site transfer usually is different depending on the specific applications a client is using. At Mambo Microsystems, we configure applications appropriately following their unique configuration steps. Some of the applications that we can successfully configure include:










Upon successful configuration of applications, we advise our clients not to cancel their DNS with their previous web hosts before they can confirm that their website has been tested and the free and fast site transfer has worked perfectly.