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cPanel Information

cPanel information is part of the most important information our clients receive from Mambo Microsystems. This is the web based control panel that allows many users to do a variety of tasks very quickly. The cPanel information on  has features that facilitate working with:

E-mail Accounts:-

E-mail is one of the basic tools clients of Mambo Microsystems get alongside web hosting services. At Mambo Microsystems, we allow our clients to create and manage their mail accounts for their sites. our cPanel information also allows them to do the various things including

    •  Access email from a web browser using web mail.
    •  Send automatic responses to mails.
    •  Create and use mailing lists.


The traffic you get on your site says a lot about your web content! cPanel information at Mambo Microsystems allows web hosting clients to keep track of the numbers visiting their sites. Apart from the numbers, they are also able to get the following from cPanel information:

    •  Find out what content is being sought by their site users.
    •  Monitor the bandwidth usage.
    •  Access information about errors encountered by the site users.
    •  Access graphical data on the statistics relating to their site usage, bandwidth and even page errors.



With cPanel information on Mambo Microsystems, clients can be able to enable their preferred settings from their web page. All the details pertaining to the web account are managed from the preferences section of cPanel information. These settings include: 

    • Managing account passwords.
    • Updating contact details for the purpose of communication between you and the administrator.
    • Change language settings.
    • Alter style and appearance of cpanel interface.


Our cPanel information includes resources important for the management of databases by our clients. Some of the tools we provide to our client on cPanel information are: 

    • Step-by-step guides on how to create MYSQL databases.
    • Configuration of databases.

Web files:-

A website is simply a collection of several web files posted on a web server. On our cPanel information, Mambo Microsystems provides features that enable all clients to manage their files in the best way possible. With our cPanel information, you can do the following:

    • Make file back-ups.
    • Upload or edit web files.
    • Drag and drop files on your site from your web disk space.
    • anage your web disk space.
    • Create, manage and use file transfer protocol accounts.
    • Set authorisation for access of file transfer protocol accounts.


The security of a web server not only gives the site owners some peace of mind, it gives the site users an easy time! Mambo Microsystems understands the need for maximum security and has the best features on cPanel information to take care of security issues. You can configure your security settings to protect unauthorised access and protect your passwords among many other things.


With our cPanel information, clients of Mambo Microsystems are able to do the following:

    • Create and manage sub-domains.
    • Park domains on top of their main ones.
    •  Manage domain redirects.


With the cPanel information we provide to our clients, they can be able to install different softwares on to their sites to make it easier for their site users to access the information they require.