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Our Partners

All companies need to form mutual relationships with other companies to achieve their goals. In most cases, businesses thrive because of making good use of these beneficial relationships. Web hosting companies like Mambo Microsystems also benefit a lot from such relationships. In fact, a great percentage of the reasons for our expansion is owed to the fact that we make great use of the benefits that come along with having other companies as our partners. When we form a relationship with any of our partners we are always dedicated to building it so as to benefit and in turn pass the same advantages to all of our clients. At Mambo Microsystems, we are usually very fast to seize any chance in forming a relationship that adds value to our web hosting services delivery. Some of our partners include:


  • Financial institutions.
  • SEO placement Pros.
  • Certification issuers.
  • Our clients.

 Financial Institutions

Being an online company, business transactions are done with clients in any part of the world. To enjoy our web hosting services, clients are always required to pay us. Bearing in mind that our clients are spread in all parts of the world, we have put in place measures to ensure that no client is left out simply because there is no convenient means for them to pay for our services. As part of our strategic plans, Mambo Microsystems has included many financial institutions as part of our partners. Our relationship with financial institutions has enabled us to provide web hosting and other services to a border-less communities. Thanks to our partners, different clients can now pay us using the most convenient method for them. Our partners enable people to pay for services from different parts of them world. Some of them are:

  • Paypal
  • Master card
  • Visa card
  • Mobile Money(M-Pesa)

 SEO Placement Pros

Today, people just don’t come up with websites and web content for the sake of doing so. Most search engines are now checking the quality of most people’s content and are ranking it. Mambo Microsystems has professionals who understand the need for quality and they write their web content with quality being their guiding principle. When working on websites, our experts always follow guidelines provided by SEO placement pros like Google and Yahoo. Apart from our clients, SEO placement pros are some of our partners, whose role makes a great difference in our web hosting services delivery. Mambo Microsystems aims at producing websites that gain top ranking therefore we take every word from our partners very seriously.

Certification Issuers

Not every online company is legitimate! Some just exist to steal money from unsuspecting people. Mambo Microsystems is one of the commercial online web hosting companies that has been certified. We are always open to scrutiny by quality assurance and security companies. Over the years we have been working closely with companies like C.O.M.O.D.O and K.E.N.I.C to ensure that we remain the trustworthy web hosting companies we have been. Mambo Microsystems always opens its doors to certificate issuers who are also our partners as they help us in quality and security checking.

Our Clients

Our clients are our most important partners! They form the largest percentage number of all our partners. If anything, Mambo Microsystems would not exist without this group of people. Although all other partners are important, this is the group we focus on most of the time.