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Domain Registration

Domain registration is a very easy and fast task at Mambo Microsystems. The process involves just a few guided steps which any customer can easily follow through without difficulties. Mambo Microsystems has made it easy for clients to access domain registration services online. For you to successfully register your domain, you need to do the following:

  • Check Domain Name availability.
  • Provide fine details of features you need.
  • Provide personal information
  • Pay for the domain registration.


Check Availability

The first step in domain registration for Mambo Microsystems is checking for the availability of their domain names. The experts at Mambo Microsystems have designed a way through which clients can determine whether their domains are available or already in use. Usually, we do not charge clients for checking their domain availability. We have simplified the procedure such that every client can be able to do this task on their own. This step in domain registration is the fastest and usually takes less than just a minute to successfully complete. Mambo Microsystems provides domain registration services to different clients with different needs. Some of the domains we register include:

  • - for Kenyan Companies
  • - for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO's in Kenya
  • - for Network Devices in Kenya
  • - for Kenyan Government Entities.(Requires Supporting Documents)
  • - for Institutions of Higher Educations in Kenya.(Requires )Supporting Documents
  • - for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning in Kenya. (Requires )Supporting Documents
  • - for Personal names
  • - for Mobile content
  • - for Information
  • .com - for commercial business
  • .net - for network providers
  • .org - for non profit organisations

Provide Fine Details of Other Features

Once a client has confirmed the availability of their domain name, the next step is provision of details of the features they need besides the domain registration. These details are easy to provide because we have offered options in drop-down lists and check boxes for clients to choose their preferences. These details include the domain registration period and preferred domain settings. Some of the features provided alongside domain registration by Mambo Microsystems (e.g. DNS Management and Email Forwarding) are usually free of charge; however there are a few that are provided at an extra cost to the client (e.g. ID Protection). When a client is done with these two steps, the last step for them is giving extra information to our professionals. This is the information they use to complete a domain registration process.


Provide Personal Information

For new clients, registration is always required before any domain registration is done. Clients are expected to provide personal information like name, location, addresses, contact details and also register to get an account with us. These are the accounts they use to add any other orders in future. Apart from providing their personal information, our clients also provide additional information that they would want to be added on to their domains.


Pay for the domain registration

Payment through the various accepted methods is usually the last step in domain registration. A client can pay through:

  • PayPal
  • Current Cheque
  • Cash deposits
  • M-pesa

Once a client has successfully completed all these steps, our staff does the rest.


Domain registration usually does not take a very long time. It takes a few minutes to register and afew hours to propagate. Clients are usually sent a confirmation email. Once we are done with your domain registration, you can access your account on our site and set up your domain following all the instructions we provide. Mambo Microsystems provides clients with accurate instructions to follow such and once they set their domains, they can create their web pages and e-mail addresses. If a client has a problem with their domain after domain registration, we provide Web hosting and domain registration support services and advice at no added cost. Mambo Microsystems will always give you an advantage if you get domain registration services from us!