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Mambo Microsystems has a 24 hours support center that attends to different clients concerns. Whether you are a new or regular customer of Mambo Microsystems, you can be sure that you will get the help you need from our support center. We have employed dedicated and qualified customer service representatives who always work with our motivated technical team to provide all the help a client needs from us. What will you get from our support center? Our support center has an assortment of resources that can be used by any client to have a better understanding of the technical bits of web hosting as well as proper solutions to the technical hitches. Some of the information you will find in our support center includes:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions:-

Different clients have different levels of understanding of web hosting and what it entails. Without proper understanding of this highly technical tasks, it may be difficult to resolve any problem that occurs. To help most clients, Mambo Microsystems stores all the questions asked by all their clients, compiles a comprehensive list of answers and posts them to the support center. All the information we provide in our support center concerning the various issues that surround domain registation and web hosting sevices are usually properly researched, and presented in simple terms that most if not all of our clients can understand.

  • 24 hours Live Chat:-

We have 24 hour live chats, accessible to all our clients on this chats allow people who are interested in our services to get more information, or instructions on how to make an order. Our cliens can also use this chats to air any problem they might have

  • Tutorials:-

Mambo Microsystems is not just a web hosting and web design firm. We do a lot to also act as a learning center for as many internet users as possible. To pass our knowledge to our site users, our technical team always provides comprehensive tutorials. Our tutorials are given in the simplest form in the support center. Any one can follow the step-by-step guides we provide to successfully complete various tasks. Our support center is an investment that Mambo Microsystems has made to transfer knowledge to as many clients and internet users as possible.

  • Support ticket submission:-

At times, our clients cannot resolve a problem by following our tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. Some of them do not even have the time to read through our site to find a solution to their problems. Our technical team is always available and willing to provide them with working solutions. On our support center, we have provided an automated support ticket submission system with which they can contact us with. Every concern that is received on your support submission is taken care of swiftly to ensure that none of our clients is inconvenienced by a technical problem that we are capable of taking care of.

  • Learning resources:-

Besides tutorials, Mambo Microsystems provides learning materials to complement the tutorials. We do not just provide information on how to do things, our support center is always updated with all the relevant information our clients would want to know about what we do. With our support center, clients can learn about anything they wish to learn about for free!

  • Latest news and updates:-

Technology is a very dynamic field. Every about it changes overnight and what we used to know becomes almost irrelevant or even outdated. To ensure that all our clients are updated with all the necessary information, we provide them with as many updates in our support center.