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Refund policy

Mambo Microsystems is always dedicated to giving clients great value for their money. Apart from providing excellent quality services, our technical team is always swift to act on all issues raised by any of our clients. Over the years, Mambo Microsystems has had different cases of customer satisfaction and we came up with a refund policy to take care of the different cases of client dissatisfaction that could occur. With our refund policy, our web hosting clients are able to launch their complains and have them analyzed by one of our experts before being given their money back. For a client to get some or all of their money back, they need to do the following:

  • Launch a complain at

All complains are usually scrutinized by our technical team to establish whether the particular case has met all the requirements set in our refund policy to be eligible for a money refund. If your case has enough proof that Mambo Microsystems failed to deliver services properly, we give the clients a go ahead to apply for a money refund. Our refund policy states that all genuine cases be processed as fast as possible and outstanding refund be paid to the clients with immediate effect.

  • Application for a refund:-

Approval of a case does not necessarily mean that a client will receive 100 percent money back. The refund policy that is currently in use at Mambo Microsystems. Once a refund case is handled by our technical team, the next step for clients is applying for the refund. The technical team usually states the level of inconsistencies demonstrated by our services and the possible losses incurred by the client. With this information, our finance department is able to determine what amount to refund according to the provisions of our refund policy. Once the refund amount is determined, the finance department at Mambo Microsystems ensures that you get your money back as soon as poss


The refund policy is specific on a few issues such as:

Domain registration:-

The refund policy at Mambo Microsystems allows for a refund for domain registration as long as the client applies for the cancellation within 24 hours after the registration request. We refund 100 percent as long as the domain had not been registered. Our refund policy does not provide for a refund for clients whose domains have already been registered.

Web hosting:-

The refund policy is very specific about the different hosting accounts in regards to money refunds. Mambo Microsystems only provides for a 45 days money back guarantee for reseller and shared servers only. This refund is usually unconditional. For dedicated servers and collocations, our refund policy does not guarantee a money refund. Clients only receive a prorated refund if their cases are accepted by our team.

Web hosting renewal:-

If a client wishes to cancel their payment for a hosting account renewal at Mambo Microsystems , our refund policy only allows for a refund for the cancellation requests made not later than 5 days after the payment date.

Overdue balance:-

Mambo Microsystems clients are usually required to clear their balances even when they are moving to other hosts. In the event that a client has paid for services in advance, our refund policy entitles them to the full amount which we pay before the client clears with us.