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There is always a concern of lack of privacy with online services like web hosting. Like many other web hosts, Mambo Microsystems usually has access to personal and other information of our clients. Bearing in mind the risks involved in sharing this kind of information, Mambo Microsystems has come up with a privacy policy which all binds all our staff to the acceptable work ethics regarding clients’ information. The privacy policy used by Mambo Microsystems applies to both categories of information we get from our web hosting clients. This information includes:

  • Client name.
  • Addresses ( Physical, postal and e-mail).
  • Credit card information.
  • Other contact information.

This information is usually used primarily for identification purposes. We keep this information in our customer database for records purposes. Other information collected by Mambo Microsystems staff has to do with the hosting of sites. This information usually includes:

  • Users’ internet protocol.
  • Website purpose to internet users.
  • Browsers.
  • Referral uniform resource locators (URLs).

How we get this information?

The privacy policy at Mambo Microsystems clearly states that all the information we get from clients must be sourced for using the right channel. For instance, our privacy policy only allows us to obtain customer personal information from the clients themselves. We do not use any form of coercion or malice when sourcing for this type of information. Usually, clients give us their personal details at their own free will. Information relating to the sites we host is obtained through cookies however, clients have the right to deny us access to their cookies.


Why we get customer information and that of their sites:-

The privacy policy we have is designed to protect the information of our clients from malicious damage, use or distribution. At Mambo Microsystems, use the personal information of our clients for the purpose of proper identification. We also use this information to process the orders that clients place on our site. Information collected from the different sites we host is used for the purposes of quality control and support provision. Our staff analyzes all of these information to determine our next step in terms of service development.


Distribution of customer information:-

According to our privacy policy, the distribution of personal information to other parties is prohibited. Our professionals do not use the information they access for any other purposes other than those allowed in the privacy policy. Distribution of information on our clients’ sites is allowed to some degree by the privacy policy used at Mambo Microsystems. This information is usually distributed to mostly our main business partners like financial institutions for the purpose of processing payments for services granted by Mambo Microsystems. We also provide this information to other parties for instance, if there has been a crime committed, we are obliged to surrender all details required by investigators.


Safety standard measures:-

All web hosting firms usually have to put measures that ensure that all of their customers information is secure. In line with the privacy policy, Mambo Microsystems has put in place all the necessary measures to ensure that all the information we get from our clients is not accessed by unauthorised persons or used for any other purpose other than what it is intended for.


At Mambo Microsystems, we always do our best to provide maximum security to our clients but we do not promise 100 percent effectiveness.