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Web hosting services offered by Mambo Microsystems and other web hosts have created the largest, border-less and seamless information superhighway ever made! With your web files on a fast and reliable server host like Mambo Microsystems, you can be sure that your information will be accessed by any person in the world no matter their location. Web hosting has also made it possible for a convenient way for users to find information they require without having to move a lot or even pay much. With this great side to web histing services, there are many other problems that come with it. To counter all vices that come with web hosting, Mambo Microsystems has come up with terms of service which our clients are expected to adhere to. Our terms of service are in line with most of the internationally set rules of web hosting and usage and help in the smooth running of business.


Mambo Microsystems terms of service constitute the following:

  • Content:-

Mambo Microsystems is a legitimate web hosting firm that is guided by the rule of law. When offering our services to our clients, our professionals always do their best to act within the law. Being the most important business partners for Mambo Microsystems, our clients are expected to act in the same way as our experts. Regarding web content, the rules that guide web hosting predetermine the content our clients can put up on their sites. Mambo Microsystems does nor allow at all costs the use of copyrighted content by unauthorised website owners. Any of our clients who does this is always liable to legal action as provided by the copyright acts of different countries. Such a client can also have their web hosting accounts suspended according to the stated terms of service.


Also highlighted in our terms of service is the type of content one puts on their site. Different states have different laws regarding issues like pornography, weapon making and other content that is potentially harmful to individuals like children or even a state. Our terms of service do not allow clients to have web content that is prohibited by the rule of the land.

  • Bandwidth:-

Mambo Microsystems usually allocates unlimited bandwidth for the different web hosting plans customer buy. Our allocation is usually big enough and therefore termed as unlimited because chances of exhausting it all are usually low. According to our the terms of service at Mambo Microsystems, we can suspend accounts of clients who exceed their monthly bandwidth occasionally.

  • Uptime:-

Mambo Microsystems promises its clients an uptime of 99.9 percent. Should there be a downtime that is beyond the agreed limit, our terms of service allow the client to apply for a month’s credit as a form of compensation.

  • Hosting accounts:-

Our web hosting accounts all come with their own set of terms of service. Depending on the type of account you get from Mambo Microsystems, clients are always advised to read and understand these terms of service before they pay for our web hosting services.

  • Payment:-

Mambo Microsystems services have different payment plans. Some are monthly, others yearly and a few are free of charge. Depending on the package a client settles for, they are supposed to make their payments within the agreed period of time. According to our terms of service, accounts with unsettled debts at Mambo Microsystems are to be suspended .