Why Kenya is the leading in terms ICT in Africa

At a time when there was much negative news about terrorism and other vices about Kenya, it made its way to CNN news for an excellent reason. The reason was that Intelligent Community Forum had named Nairobi the capital city for the second year in a row been named as the most intelligent city in Africa for the second year in a row. It was […]

List and History of African Domain Registries

Many people believe that the biggest chance for Africa to develop is through the internet. Internet penetration statistics show that traditional economy success determines the proportion of internet access and usage. South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya have a heavy investment in ICT usable infrastructure. These countries alone make up more than 50% of internet users in Africa. Sadly places like Ethiopia or Congo have […]

Why Mambo Is Kenya’s Best Web Hosting Company

Searching for a web host? You need not look any further. Mambo Web Services is Kenya’s nest web host offering reliable hosting for all needs. We have over six years experience in meeting the hosting needs of start-up, medium and large organizations. Mambo is the space where more than 10,000 customers in Kenya and other East African countries have entrusted to keep their websites on […]

How to Choose Best Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service allowing individuals and organizations to post web pages and web sites on the internet. A web host service provider provides the necessary technology and services for viewing or web page or website on the internet. Hosting or storing web sites on the web is on special computers known as servers. After hosting, all internet users can view a website by […]

How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting Company

WordPress is a popular online and open source website content and blogging management system website. It will serve your needs whether you are a company, a good blogger, news outlet, or a music site. When you use WordPress, it is likely that you will require a hosting company. The hosting service provider will take care of all the technical aspects necessary for running your website. […]

How To Create a WordPress Blog

Blogs have increasingly become a popular means of website/business marketing. WordPress has, as a result, become a powerful and effective tool used by website owners. The better part of it is that one does not need to be exclusively knowledgeable on HTML or any other complicated technological terminologies to launch their very own blogs. With WordPress, one is able to manage and even publish images, […]

How to Market Your Website Using Blog

Most, if not all, businesses are going the website direction. This is a good thing given the high viewer and possibly sale returns expected from it. Blogging is quickly gaining popularity especially due to the fact that it is the second cheapest way of marketing (word of mouth being first). All that is needed is your time. The best thing about it is that there […]

Shop-Qualities of a Good e-business website

You can make your website all glamorous with over the top designs or even have the home page do a standing ovation for every visitor but this is no guarantee that it will be appealing. Online shoppers have attested to experiencing high levels of frustration, anger and disappointment in some online shopping websites. The secret is in putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. View the […]

The Power Benefits of Cloud Hosting

As the wheels of technology keep evolving, new and better technological benefits come with it. This is reason enough for every business entity to keep up and in turn, reap full benefits for business growth and management. In this case, every business should be up to date with the newest form of hosting, Cloud Hosting. This is a new and superior form of hosting as […]

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