Why You Must Have a Website

It is almost impossible to imagine how businesses thrived before the technological revolution considering all the great things that come with it. Technology users in this great platform for all businesses; big and small to grab the attention of the whole world. In today’s world, it is required that all businesses have a website. With the help of a good web designer, one can easily […]

Mpesa Developers Guide

1.1 About this Guide This guide provides technical information about integrating and configuring the M-PESA Instant Payment Notification within your environment. 1.2 Intended Audience This document is intended for developers, integrating M-PESA IPN into their own applications or websites. You will probably require test accounts for which you need to contact Safaricom. 1.3 System Overview M-PESA IPN provides two main functionalities; PUSH Service – When […]

Kenya Best Ranked Web Hosting

Every business today needs a website, even if it has only one employee. If you don’t have a site, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You can attract several potential clients if you have a website that is both attractive and informative. When you need to go online, you will have to choose a web hosting service provider and then create […]

Kenya Cheapest Hosting Companies

If you want your business to go online and you need a web hosting company that will match your expectations, Mambo Microsystems Ltd is your best option. We lead the industry when it comes to professional web hosting besides being Kenya’s cheapest hosting company. We can help you get that online presence you desire in minutes and keep your business ahead of the competition. We […]

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