Technology today: a scourge or blessing? Technology has enhanced life in communication, entertainment and more.

Technology is a blessing. It has made life easier in so many ways. Cutting costs, creating jobs, enhancing the quality of life with unique devices and educating mankind. There are so many benefits to technology including improved and new medications and medical procedures. New entertainment. Growing economies due to innovative technology businesses and emerging startups. Communication Talking to friends over a long distance has become […]

Digital Video Content Proves Popular in Kenya 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services.

According to a GfK ViewScape survey, 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services. Video content is very popular in Kenya and an estimated two-thirds of that percentage pay for online video content. The ViewScape survey covered Africa for the first time. Launching surveys in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. GfK ViewScape surveys 1250 Kenyans with internet access and presented interesting findings. […]

Cryptocurrency Gets New Lease of Life in Kenya CBK Governor cites confidence in blockchain technology for Kenyans

The CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge observed that there is legitimacy in blockchain technology. Specifically, the bitcoin. The governor had previously cited uncertainties in the cryptocurrency warning Kenyans it is a Ponzi scheme. An eleven-member task force has been assigned to study the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. This team was put together two months and a report on their findings is expected in the next […]

New Technologies in Web Design Web design is more user friendly and mobile responsive

Web sites are an entryway to your business. A platform to present your product or service. As a result, web design has become very important in order to present your company in the right light. The website needs to be aligned with your business and provide essential information to customers. Apart from being informational, it should also be attractive and easy to navigate. Simple usability […]

Why Do You Need A Mobile Responsive Design? A mobile responsive design improves user navigation and SEO rankings

Mobile phone users are now twice as many as desktop users. With such a high number of people preferring to use the smartphone while browsing the web. The future of responsive website design has come. Smartphone Influx People love their mobile phones. It has become a part of their way of life, and hence its influence. Different device makers dominate the stock exchange and the […]

Digital Loans to be Regulated in Kenya by Finance Ministry Digital Loans shall be regulated soon according to the new Finance draft bill

Kenya is one of the pioneers when it comes to igital loans and mobile money transfer services with M-Pesa, Airtel Money leading the way.However, with the innovations in mobile money come new challenges. This time it is not the lack of money but maybe having too much of it. Loans have become a way of life. We need to sustain ourselves beyond a paycheck and […]

Alternative ways of grasping and sharing necessary information in the future The advancing technology has made sharing easy and convenient

There numerous new ways of sharing information today. The most popular being Bluetooth, which is available on any smartphone handset today. Bluetooth allows for file sharing include photos and video as well as audio such as an MP3 file. Using Bluetooth, one can also play their music via a Bluetooth enabled device such as a speaker or car radio. Bluetooth appeals to many because it […]

Computer and Cybercrimes Law in Kenya What you need to know about the Kenyan Cybercrimes Law

What you need to know about the new bill signed into law by the President and what the media and Kenyans have to say about it. The Computer and Cybercrimes Law was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 16th of May 2018. The media and social sharing sites have not stopped talking since. Several media houses and Kenyan press authorities have had choice […]

Safaricom, PayPal Collaborate for Seamless Money Transfer

PayPal, the American money transfer giant has partnered with the equal Kenyan telecommunication giant Safaricom to provide easier money transfer solutions for Kenyans transacting on the international marketplace. This collaboration is set to facilitate e-commerce, business to business transactions and online shopping for individuals. The move is part of PayPal’s long-term strategy to enable e-commerce on the continent and to democratize financial services. This new […]

The Importance of a Customized Website

A custom site is made for business or pleasure (hobby). Today websites go hand in hand with business. Customers and clients want to engage with you and the first place they go looking for information about the business is via your website. They interact with your brand. Get to know what you are about. The values, principles, start-up story and of course products and services […]

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