General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has worldwide effect

Recently the European Union forged the General Data Protection Regulation to ensure data privacy protection for its European citizens. Since then, many companies have been falling in line to adhere to the rules that stress proper uses of private information belonging to online users. This includes tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter among others. Basically, for any application you download or for any social media […]

Internet of Things: How does it influence people’s everyday lives From your smartphone to your car, the internet of things take over is here

The internet of things is a term that widely explains the inter-connection of smart devices and the way these devices will impact our lives as part of the new technologies movement taking place. We can already attest to be living in the age of the ‘internet of things’ as we now have wearable smart devices such as the Apple watch and various items that allow […]

Is it a benefit or downfall to insert technology into education?

Technology and education go hand in hand today. Computer classes are taken from age 4 and before children are of school going age, they can operate smartphones like pros. It is inevitable, so let us build around the good of technology in education so far. Technology can be successful in education if both parents and teachers embrace the new learning methods available to children today. […]

Uber Eats to Launch in Kenya

Uber launched in Kenya three years ago. Since then it has seen wild success and a significant amount of backlash, from both its employees and competitors but after an overall good reception, Uber is ready to launch Uber Etas in Kenya. Already a widely used service in Kenya, the taxi conglomerate has chosen to further their business in Kenya with a doorstep delivery service for […]

How can Robots Help Humanity Increase People’s Daily Productivity?

From warehouse automated robots to robot arms for healthcare, robots are the future and we are just getting introduced. Machine learning and robotics have rapidly progressed to move from the science labs into our homes and places of work. Domestic robots like the iRobot were introduced to help with chores in the home like vacuuming, while new advancements like Chili a robot, supposed to help […]

Do Technologies of Face ID and Touch ID Protect People’s Data from Hacking?

Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, name it; every big company is alert when it comes to cybercrime, especially from your handset or computer. Customer privacy online has become mandatory. Whether signing up for a newsletter or purchasing an item via eBay, the customer’s details must be kept confidential, or receive the full wrath of social media, the government, and the judicial system. The recent information concerning […]

Kenya to Host First Cybersecurity Continental Summit

The first African Cyber Defense Summit is coming to Nairobi in July. Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Mr. Joe Mucheru has confirmed, citing the increase in cybercrime around the globe as a threat to African businesses. A number of international organizations have partnered to support the two-day event. These include Telecommunication Union, African Union in collaboration with NASEBA, a global investor relations firm based in […]

Do Internet search engines as Google, Ask, and Bing make people less attentive to the things they learn?

‘Just Google it!’ has become part of our slang. Millennials use this phrase often to describe learning. If you do not know something, Google has the answer. Google like Ask and Bing are search engines. They compile information on the internet and rank it in terms of quality to avail to you the answers to the questions you are asking. It can provide location and […]

What Technologies Cause Harm to the Environment, Earth’s Populations and the Oceans?

Technology has become part of the human race. You wake to the alarm on your phone. Check for any overnight notifications via WhatsApp or new emails. Leave the bed and practice yoga for a thirty-minute session or strap your phone to your arm and go jogging with the Nike app to monitor your health. You receive a call from work on the phone. Check the […]

New Technologies in Apple Gadgets that Change People’s Lives

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first introduced the Apple iPhone, it was a marvel to behold. From that moment onward, Apple has become a crème innovator opening its doors to intelligent and creative minds to make the impossible possible and stay at the frontier of new technologies with their sleek and cutting-edge gadgets. Since the invention of the laptop, Apple has gone on to […]

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