Are Dolphins and Whales as Smart as People?

The intelligence of mammals both on land has been a topic of interest for a long time. The chimpanzee, the elephant, and the Dolphins have all been categorized as intelligent mammals. The dolphins and whales in particular feature profoundly and the study of their intelligence are called cetacean intelligence. This encompasses, the dolphin, whale, and porpoise. The dolphin has shown intelligence capabilities of a numerical […]

New Technologies in the Taxi Business

Uber has taken the world by storm. Yes, the world. They started in San Francisco and now they are here in Nairobi. Their success has not waned although they have received significant uprising from other traditional taxi businesses and backlash for the way they run their business. They are still minting money! The reason behind their success is technology and innovation. They solved our problem […]

Is Technological Progress A Good Thing or Should People Avoid It?

We are living in the age of information, the digital era. Our economy has transitioned to become an economy that is fueled by the internet. Almost everything is now available online, and that includes business. The transition has progressed rapidly. Slowly at first, but since the invention of social media, the pace at which technology is taking over has been like lightning, and with no […]

Does the Internet Make People Wiser or Not? The Internet has increased people intelligence

We spend so much time on our gadgets that some may argue that it decreases our productivity. We forget to do basic things like multiply or become too lazy to pick up a book and read. We would rather download a pdf and scroll to the interesting parts of a novel or google the information instead of reading a newspaper or talk to an informed […]

Will Robots Live with People in 100 years? The introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Robots like UFOs have been among us for decades now. Scientists and inventors have been closing the gap on what man can really do through mind-boggling experiments like cloning and robotics. Inventions have been made using technology and decades of combined research from brilliant minds. Robots came from the ingenious minds of writers, with reference as far back as Frankenstein more than a century ago […]

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