DigiFarm by Safaricom Mobile Technology Secures Meru Farmers

Safaricom has partnered with iProcure, FarmDrive and Arifu to have four depots in Meru County. DigiFarm is an agribusiness solution tailored for smallholder farmers, which provides them with financing information on different crops and animals in addition to quality products and services at discounted prices. The four depots are located in Laare, Nkubu, Mikindori, and Meru. Quality and affordable inputs are available at the depots […]

Which is the best budget web hosting service Finding the right web hosting service

Web hosting is a necessary service in the digital age. Everyone has an online presence. Companies have moved online. Targeting social media users and influencers to market their products and services. It is time that your business or blog acquire an online presence too. Some may choose to do it themselves while others hire professionals to host and manage their websites. A web hosting budget […]

How to Get The Best Web Hosting Service Provider Follow a Set of Criteria to Get the Best Web Hosting Service

Are you thinking of starting a website? Do you have enough content and a decent following? You know what you want and have an outline of the theme and layout? Well, maybe not, but if you are sure it is time you have an online presence, follow these guidelines to find the right web hosting service provider. Get Referrals The best kind of marketing is […]

Google Retires Ad Words and DoubleClick Google Rebrands to Google Ads

Google has retired and rebranded their advertising services Google Ad Words and Double Click. Their advertising software has undergone a mega overhaul to acquire a new name and friendlier user interface for its customers. Google has said there are no fee changes or merging of any services. Instead, they have a single platform, Google Ads for basic tool buying for ads. There will be access […]

Game Addiction Now a Mental Health Condition World Health Organization concerned for Gamers

Game Addiction has been declared a mental health condition by the World Health Organization. This news comes shortly after the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles. Gamers are known to spend hours on end playing video games online and with friends. This phenomenon has increased with more and more popular games being released every year. These games are accompanied by edgier gadgets to play them […]

What is web space – the storage space on a web server The Ins and Outs of Web Space

Web space refers to the disk space allowed on an internet server. This space is required by a website owner to accommodate for his website needs. This could range from a company or personal portfolio to an e-commerce site or fashion blog. Either way, to be online a website requires space to provide services for interested parties. The web space stores HTML files, images and […]

Kenyans to Follow Government Projects Via Online Portal The Private-Public Partnership Project

In accordance with the requirements of the constitution, access to information act 2013 and the public-private partnerships act 2016, transparency on government projects have been implemented. Through the creation of a digital platform named the Private Public Partnerships Project, which details up to date state-funded infrastructural activities. This move has been welcomed by Kenyans with the recent increase of corruption scandals that have rocked public […]

What is a good web hosting company? Web hosting services and general package for beginners

Affordable packages Before doing any shopping for groceries or clothes, we always make sure that we have a budget that suits our needs. This entails doing research on what we would like to have on a website. including themes, color effects, the bandwidth size, functionality, and support. After we have noted all this down the next step is in your web hosting search to find […]

Facebook Takes Action to Curb Fake News on Social Media Facebook tackles fake news on its platform

Facebook recently announced through their Production Manager, Tessa Lyons that Facebook has put in place new measures to curb and ultimately stop the spread of fake news. Fake news has proven to be a major problem in 2017 and in 2018 it is still affecting us greatly. In India, at least 7 people were lynched and killed due to the spreading of fake news around […]

Algeria Gets Internet Blackout Algeria takes etxreme measure to curb exam cheating

On Wednesday, Algeria took an extreme step to curb cheating. The entire nation received an internet blackout at the start of national exams. The move is meant to avoid students from cheating during the examination period. For a total of two hours, internet connections were cut across the country to coincide with the start of two national exams. Furthermore, all devices with internet access including […]

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