CBA Loop Sets Record with Money Lending Sum CBA Loop Re brands and Relaunches

Kenya’s largest privately-owned bank the Commercial Bank of Africa has upgraded its mobile application loan offers, to hit a record 3 million shillings. This is the highest loan amount for any Kenyan lender via mobile money. The bank’s Loop program is aimed at young professionals. A demographic under the age of forty, largely called millennials today. As the central bank capped the rising interest rates […]

What is the relationship between One Drive and Azure? Microsoft Cloud

Both One drive and Azure linger within the same radius. One Drive being the office 365 complimentary storage force for enterprise and Azure as a mega force in the cloud services network. Both are the creations of mega teams and masterminds at Microsoft to counter complex business problems with lasting enterprise solutions. Solutions that work and can encompass a large amount of data for big […]

What is a lightweight email service? Using the right email service for your business

In a busy office, or a popular blog. Perhaps a media agency or even as the manager of a public figure, communication is key. Calls come in, emails are received by the dozens and people want feedback. A client wants a response, others want to book appointments, make inquiries, pay for products or services and the likes. To avoid a room full of chatter many […]

What is G Suite lacking? Competing for the Enterprise Market

Well, the better question is what is G suite lacking that users actually care about? From a biased standpoint, I could point out several features because I prefer to use Microsoft (not that I do, this is an example). However, what really keeps users on board for office 365 is their spreadsheet application and general common usage. People will pay a lot of money for […]

How to buy office 365 for a very cheap price.

Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to meet your organization’s needs. Since its introduction, it has been revolutionary as a cloud service for office productivity. Their plans have been adapted to fit different demographics and business ranges. Initially, Microsoft focused its attention on enterprise centered products. Although office 365 greatly covers the need for established business students and freelance professionals have also […]

Silicon Valley Company Signs deal with Mombasa county Mombasa Edges Closer to 2035 Smart City Plan

Mombasa county has stepped up to the devolution challenge by offering inhabitants a new frontier in education. The county has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Mombasa County government to establish academies with a reputable IT company from Silicon Valley. The aim is for digital training to take place. The place has been described as ‘a region on the San Francisco Peninsula in California […]

Which is better and why: Office 365 or Google Apps? Office Productivity Cloud Suites

Google Apps rebranded and is now known as the G Suite. Referring to their group of office productivity tools, like Google spreadsheets, docs, Hangouts and calendar among others. It has received several new upgrades to make it a better experience for users and especially small business owners. Other features include doc management, group calendars, and cooperative writing. When it comes to group calendars, members of […]

Tanda, Kenyan Startup Launches Inventory Management Solutions Convenient Solutions for Kenyan Kiosk Owners

Talk about creating solutions to a problem you have witnesses. Tanda founder Goerge Mullei, grew up helping out in a Kiosk and witnessed the challenges first hand for shop owners. Since then he forged a passion for technology and used his knowledge to cater to micro-entrepreneurs. In Kenya today small kiosks are littered on busy streets. They are found at every corner, and they are […]

How to buy mail domain in Office 365 Buying domain via Office 365

Office 365 is the office cloud services offered by Microsoft for business and enterprise solutions. Microsoft has gone the inclusive way to offer plans for students and home users. This could be a freelancer or a remote worker. Office 365 now has a plan for you. Students who also need to work offline or use the whole Microsoft productivity suite for their school work, now […]

FinTech competition just increased in Kenya Financial Technology on the rise in Kenya

The parent company of TECNO Mobile, Itel, and Infinix has decided to venture into the Kenyan Fintech marketplace. Transsion, the company behind the various mobile brands has announced their venture into mobile money transactions. The company through a joint venture with NetEase, a Chinese internet firm is preparing to launch their own mobile money services app named PalmPay. Mobile money services in Kenya is a […]

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