Jumia could be the first African unicorn set for an IPO Rumored listing set for the first quarter of 2019

If Jumia went public, this listing would value Jumia at a whopping $1 billion. A first for Africa. The company is reportedly set for the first quarter of 2019, while it had previously been rumored to be pursuing an initial price offering for late 2018, either in Frankfurt or London. The German-based parent company rocket, which is known for replicating American business models, and fashioning […]

How is the Internet of Things (IoT) useful for common people? More than just a wealthy man's space

The internet has been around for more than two decades, yet there are some of us who still struggle with a simple WhatsApp message. The purpose of a phone is to call and receive calls. To communicate, in short. For the newer smartphones that are released by tech giants every twelve months, they might as well collect dust on the shelves for some people. Why […]

Telkom to sponsor 2018 Connected Kenya Awards

The government-owned telecom provider Telkom, has been named as the title sponsor for the 10th Connected Kenya wards to be held later next month. During an unveiling ceremony, the cabinet secretary for information technology Mr. Joe Mucheru officially launched the Connected Kenya summit where Telkom was named the title sponsor at a glitzy event held at the Intercontinental hotel. The event also marked the announcement […]

Uber launches new service with tuk-tuks in Mombasa

After launching two years ago in Mombasa, uber has now sweetened the deal for Mombasa residents by offering up the new UberPOA service. An uber tailored service specifically for the coastal town. The UberPOA service will use tuk-tuk transport to ferry residents, tourists and locals around the go-to holiday spot for locals. The services are very fare and mirror Nairobi’s uber cheap. The cheapest rated […]

What the Revised Kenyan Financial Bill Proposes for Digital Services

After the surprise move by the president to cut the tax on petroleum from 16pc to 8pc, the bill was revised to reflect additional ‘soft’ taxes on other areas which were not put front and center for Kenyans to scrutinize. Although the president allowed somewhat some breathing room for the already financially wounded Kenyan, more is yet to come. Many people including government supporters were […]

What are the segments of the Internet of Things?

The internet of things has been explored and developed and continues to grow. With small and big implementations taking place carefully, there is a lot to be said with regard to the projects being undertaken in certain fields. Smart City As of now, Smart city has proven to be the largest it segments with 23pc of the IoT projects underway going down in this category. […]

What are the best examples of the ‘Internet of things’? How IoT is already changing life at home

The internet of things or in short, IoT refers to the growing network of physical devices that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. It also describes the communication that occurs between these devices and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Basically, how they talk to each other. The internet of things is also referred to as the internet of everything, IoE. It consists of all […]

Why Instagram is Building a Standalone E-commerce Site Entrepreneurs and Bloggers get ready

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world. Available on both Android and iOS users, the app has over 1 billion downloads. That is a seventh of the world’s population. Now not many apps have been able to conquer that feat, but Instagram is one of them. Among other popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, among others. Also check: Top web hosting […]

Benin Adds to List of African Countries Taxing Social Media A new addition to the list of African countries taxing social media

In what seems to be a crackdown on social media use, Benin has joined a list of African countries who have imposed social media tax on their citizens. Initially, Tanzania and Uganda were the pioneers, and soon after Egypt followed as well. The governments have deemed the move justifiable. Among the reasons include increased revenue for their respective countries and to cut down ‘Lugambo’ as […]

What is the difference between IMAP and Exchange? The protocols for email services

For anyone doing business or freelance, the importance of emails for communications, cannot be understated. Having your emails sent and received when starting out and even after being well established, it is important to get it right. This means, your emails need to be set up to receive emails even on the go, so you can stay updated and get all your work or school […]

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