Should a small business switch from Office Live to Office 365?

Office 365 is among the names of other suites widely suggested whenever it comes to choosing a package that greatly suits your business model. Majority of the people asked for their opinion often suggest Microsoft Office 365, but why should a small business switch from Office live to 365? What is office 365? The same parent company owns all the above Office suites i.e. Microsoft, […]

Where is the Internet of Things headed to?

The term Internet of Things IoT has always been a mystery to most people. Many of our physical devices are becoming increasingly connected and so is the technological advancements that keep on advancing. But, what is this term known as IoT? What does the Internet of Things Mean? Also see: Kenya’s top web hosting company Put simply, Internet of Things IoT are the physical devices […]

What are the security issues in IoT?

Many people believed that the internet covers everything and thus it is safe for most of them to term it as technologically smart since many of the physical objects or devices have IP addresses that are key identifiable whenever they are in communication with each other. Many believe that the incorporation for them to communicate with each other helps consumers in their day-to-day operations and […]

Smart home solutions selling in the USA

The world today continues to evolve with all the technological advances that is constantly being formulated by many tech industries. The situation has led to many gadgets and devices becoming manufactured thus meeting and improving the needs of consumers. Today, smart homes are everywhere in the US. Many marketers are marketing these products and homes to prospective clients on residents that use internet-connected devices enabling […]

How do wireless technologies affect the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things commonly referred to as IoT was first coined by a British entrepreneur known as Kevin Ashton who believed that the Internet covers everything and is deemed technologically smart. He sees and believes that every physical thing has an IP address that is used in communication with other physical materials. The incorporation believes that all physical things had to have IP addresses for […]

What is the ‘Consumer Internet of Things’?

Consumer Internet of things also widely known and abbreviated as CIoT has been seen to change the lives of people since it covers everything that is technologically smart and able to communicate with other devices and networks as well. The Internet of things IoT is known to using many applications and technologies which often makes people do not realize its purpose to them. There exists […]

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