A review of G-Suite From Google Apps to G Suite

G Suite is Google’s suite collaboration products for the workplace, for small businesses and teams. It involves, web conferencing, file sharing and scheduling in the cloud.

The suite has multiple collaborative features to facilitate teamwork. This essentially saves time by getting input from colleagues faster to improve and execute campaigns, products, services, and ideas to create a brand. Alternatively, it could simply be to confirm a meeting time with a department head and the manager. Some of the collaborative features include; audio and video conferencing, chat or messaging with teammates, content management which can be made easier when it is done together, involving asynchronous editing feature. This allows for docs to be managed and updated accordingly. Should any issues occur, the original document remains unedited.

The other features include doc management, group calendars, and cooperative writing. When it comes to group calendars, members of the same group can view the schedules available and add or edit to allow for easy updating. These updates are then viewed by the group members. Business owners who have used G Suite recommend it for its excellent productivity. Seamless workflow and unlimited storage when it comes to the business option. This gives the business peace of mind in knowing they can store all their data, irrespective and they do not have delete files they may need later.

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G Suite has received positive reviews from websites such as Tech Radar quoting their services as fast, lightweight and compelling for small and middle enterprises. More than that, the G Suite is easy to use as it maintains its user-friendly user interface. For those with Google accounts, the transition is seamless and easy for them. Another advantage is that the suite is competitively priced. Making it affordable for SMEs and professionals. It also spots numerous office apps like its counterparts, such as Office 365 by Microsoft.

However, some users have found it cumbersome and annoying to engage on similar apps. For example, Chat, Hangout and Meet all have the same purpose with slightly different components. Users would prefer a central app featuring the small differences creating variation, in a single communications application. Convenient features like screen sharing, video, and quick chat are what draws people in. There are also continuous improvements made for the better user experience.

Google’s newest features include Vault which has the ability to store sensitive data during hangout meetings for only a short period of time. The Hangouts Meet for video conferencing is now compatible with other video conferencing systems like Cisco and Microsoft’s Skype for Business. Therefore, someone can now join a call on Google’s service. There is also a low code application called the App maker available for Business and enterprise users. Google tasks will help you keep track of your daily chores, and set and make deadlines.

Google sites are one of the newer features on G Suite that has the ability to copy a site created in the app. This will now enable developers to back up their sites easily or create a template for their site without having to start from scratch again. On the suite, a confidential mode for Gmail has been rolled out that limits the amount of time-sensitive information can be accessed which helps to protect the data. Another great new feature on Gmail includes nudging. Which reminds you when you need to reply an email that remains unread in your inbox.

To make sure everyone concerned stays in the know, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides allows you to view from the new activity dashboard who has viewed a file and when so that you can address the ones who have not directly. It is both a smart and easy to use a suite of productive tools! Which do you prefer now, Office 365 or G Suite?

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