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Metered Series
Our Metered Series servers feature only the latest in dual core CPU technology from Intel. You won’t find second-string, single core CPU’s at Mambo. Your server will be equipped with the fastest, highest performance, server grade memory and hard drives, enabling you to be confident in the reliabilty of your server, and impressed with your results.

Metered servers are well suited to the everyday needs of:
  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses
  • Enterprises that require accurate redundancy & seamless failover
  • High Resource Needs sites, such as popular discussion, video, and arcade sites
  • Large Peer Interaction sites
    And countless others! We can customize our servers to fit your needs by building upon one of the numerous base packages we offer. If you are interested in a fully customized server, please feel free to contact our sales department and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Metered Server Packages Starting at $199.00 per month. 

Unmetered Series

Lots of Bandwith…No Overage Charges! Mambo’s Unmetered Series servers strike the perfect balance between the need for a large amount of bandwith, and the need for peace of mind. We can assure you there will be no surprises with this plan…your bill will be for a fixed amount every month, regardless of sudden and/or unexpected spikes in site traffic. If you operate a streaming video or audio business, large or high traffic download site content servers, video content servers, or other such businesses, then Mambo’s Unmetered Series servers are perfect for you!
Pair an Unmetered Series server with an Alpha-GO or Value Series server and you’ve got yourself a great HTTP/Download server cluster!

Unmetered Server Packages Starting at $199.00 per month. 

Burstable Series

Mambo’s Burstable Series servers feature dedicated bandwith commitments with burstable ports, which allow for uninterrupted service when experiencing sudden, unexpected spikes in bandwith usage. Our Burstable Series servers are an excellent option for sites that require flexibility in their plan due to fluctuating bandwith needs. And you can rest assured you will receive a fair and accurate bill each month, because our Burstable Series servers are billed on the Industry Standard 95th Percentile method. If you desire the comfort of knowing that your bandwith needs are being met at all times, then Mambo’s Burstable Series servers are the servers for you!

Burstable Server Packages Starting at $179.00 per month. 

Value Series

Mambo’s Value Series servers truly bridge the gap between maximum power and minimal cost!

Our Value Series servers provide a stable platform that has been based on hardware which enables the average user to “get the job done” while minimizing cost. Value Series servers are ideal for a variety of users including those who are just getting started with a small site, those operating single application servers such as mail, VoIP, http, and backup servers, and many more.

If you don’t see something that will fit your needs at this time, we encourage you to check back often since our inventory of Value Series servers is continusouly changing.

Alternatively, you have the option to browse our Mambo-GO Series servers which offer you the ability to customize dual core CPU based servers to fit your specific needs.

Value Server Packages Starting at $109.00 per month. 

Storage Series

In corporate environments, it has become commonplace to require, and use, massive amounts of electronic storage sp

ace. Typical needs range from large content and file servers that are capable of withstanding hundreds of megabits of throughput, to extraordinary amounts of user data storage for large peer to peer and/or peer collaborations sites. No matter what your needs, we at Mambo are capable of meeting them with our Storage Series of server solutions.

Our solutions are engineered to fit each individual user’s needs and goals. Most clients looking to upgrade or begin using SAN or NAS solutions will be able to utilize one of our base configurations. If you need to meet slightly more specific requirements in order to create a perfect, seamless fit into your current operation, we would be more than happy to engineer a custom configuration for you.

Mambo’s Storage Series servers are available in a variety of storage configurations which range from standard single partitions to RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10.


Storage Server Packages Starting at $649.00 per month. 

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