Alternative ways of grasping and sharing necessary information in the future The advancing technology has made sharing easy and convenient

There numerous new ways of sharing information today. The most popular being Bluetooth, which is available on any smartphone handset today. Bluetooth allows for file sharing include photos and video as well as audio such as an MP3 file. Using Bluetooth, one can also play their music via a Bluetooth enabled device such as a speaker or car radio. Bluetooth appeals to many because it is available to millions of people and it easy to use. It simply requires detection of another enabled handset after which the devices are paired and then they can share files between devices.

For the Apple operating system handsets such as iPhones and iPads, the Apple team has devised a sharing software called AirDrop that allows instant sharing with people nearby. Apple also has another software called Handoff, which allows the user to start something on one device and instantly pick it up on another device using your iCloud account. The app you need then appears in the app switcher and in the dock on a MacBook, the custom apple laptop.

It is also AirDroid for Android users. This is used for sharing files and installing apps. Files can be shared from your desktop to your device and vice versa. One can apply the drag and drop method when using a computer to share files. Apps can be installed by dragging an APK file into AirDroid and then download. The AirDroid app is available remotely at a low-cost payable every month. Another file sharing app is Superbeam. This app is available for both android and apple device users. It can be accessed without internet via a direct wife technology to send files between devices. This unique sharing app is very convenient when working in remote or rural areas off the grid.

It works by opening the app on two different devices and scanning an on-screen QR code or pairing them with NFC. Thereafter, you can trade files easily. The best thing about is that the app can push even unsupported files of a device, for example, an MP3 file for the Apple devices. These files can then remain on your devices by sharing them to your iCloud account and then through apps such as Gmail. Another alternative way of sharing information is the Push Bullet app. Push Bullet allows for the sharing of files between multiple devices such as links, and text all at the same time. This app is available for both iOS and Android. This application is also available for Windows and Mac users for simplified sharing straight from your desktop.

Other new ways of sharing information include the Xender and Portal app. The Xender app has a business-like user face, which allows for viewing of all documents, music, files, and images by switching from one tab to the next. It is similar to AirDrop apart from a few differences such as app navigation. Portal is an app that can save the images and music directly to your device after sharing. It has a simple user interface and it is a quick option for those who do not want to bother learning several new features associated with new apps. More than that, if the device user is using Android Lollipop or newer, then shared files can be saved directly to your memory card provided that it is programmed to do so via mobile.

There are several more apps that can be used to communicate and share as opposed to the regular phone call and text. In the office, Facebook has come up with Workplace for easy catch-up methods and group chats by employees within certain groups and departments with easy sharing styles to communicate fresh ways of working on projects together. A similar app is Slack that also works well remotely and is a popular choice for many organizations.

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