Android 9 has a name and its PIE! P is for Pie, what you need to know.


The latest upcoming version of Android was introduced to the masses for future release by Google. Android lovers have been guessing the new probable nickname since its reveal. Only, it seems obvious now, because it is a very simple name: Pie.

This new version has been available in beta for the past few months for tech enthusiasts to try out the edgy new developments on android. Google has also increased the number of model devices that get incorporated for initial testing of their software. Brands including OPPO, OnePlus, and HMD Global among others. In the past they have only tested a new and updated version on the company made gadgets Nexus and Pixel.

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Google has kept simplicity as its main goal. For both its customers and motto when working on their gadgets, software and even search engine filters to enhance customer satisfaction via mobile. They have updated their policies when it comes to mobile responsive design, quality of the content design which ultimately affected rankings for several sites. Their simplicity focus presents a challenge to adapt to the new learning curves they have presented.


Android Pie will take advantage of all the data they have gathered on users to present and provide them with better options. This is in terms of ease of accessibility of the features available, as well as tailoring them for particular uses. Another exceptional new feature includes the system which can analyze and figure out when you ‘re spending too much time online and notify you. Google says it can do this while looking after your digital wellbeing.


As of now, this feature is limited to Google’s own devices Pixel but it will soon become available to android one smartphones. This will take place when the final Android version starts rolling out. The devices that qualify as android one devices such as the Sony mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, OPPO, Vivo, One Plus and essential all qualify after their participation in the Android 9 beta program. These devices will receive the updated Android 9 version on their respective devices, as from September this year, as Google works with other partners to do the same.


On the Android 9 version, the notification system is set to become even better and privacy enhancements have also been updated. Prominently a new feature is supported by Android pie, is the notch. The notch is the black space that runs across the screen on the iPhone X. It has now become an obsession with android phone makers, however, iPhone is hardly the source. This feature was first seen on the Essential phone which runs on Android.


The new Android version will not support HTTP. This feature will mostly affect developers. In simple terms, any communication between the apps that users install on their devices and any server that is supposed to communicate with the devices will have to be secure. The encryption will have to read HTTPS.


The volume slider on android pie now shows horizontally across the top, unlike the usual top-down, when you increase or decrease volume. This automatically shows when you adjust the phone volume.

The smart lock feature on Android has been improved to accommodate passwords via chrome on your cell phone device as well. Just the way it is on the desktop while browsing using Chrome. Initially picked up by Android Oreo, it is now easier to manage and save your passwords on the Pie version.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is the expansion of the range of brightness and color displayed. An enhancement that cannot be performed by older video formats. The images are high definition and exude better contrast, greater brightness levels and a wider color palette that makes the content look ‘real’. Comparable to our own reality. So far, this version seems promising and has much more to offer.

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