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You can make your website all glamorous with over the top designs or even have the home page do a standing ovation for every visitor but this is no guarantee that it will be appealing. Online shoppers have attested to experiencing high levels of frustration, anger and disappointment in some online shopping websites. The secret is in putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. View the world through their eyes and you will be a giant. Get to know what they want and expect.



1. Ease Of Navigation

No one has any time to waste so ensure that your online shop website saves your client this in plenty. Make the website as easy to navigate as possible. The customer should be able to find whatever they are looking for with ease. Create categories and subcategories in the home page that will direct the customer directly to what it is they are looking for. Avoid crowding the home page with unnecessary info and drop down menus. The longer the customer stays on the homepage trying to figure out where to go next the more frustrating it becomes.


2. Simplicity

The phrase “less is more” best applies here. This is not a puppy talent show so keep your website as professional as possible. Arrange your website in such a manner that everything is clear and all the customer has to do is click on a title and be directed to the product or services that they want. Keep the pages neat and tidy with minimal fluff. Allow only a few images especially on the home page. Be organized and categorize items wisely, for instance; electronics, clothes, shoes. This way, the customer knows where the product they want is located.


3. Ease Of Check Out

After its all said and done, the end of the shopping process should be as swift as possible. Most online shoppers experience difficulty in checking out the items that they’ve bought. No one wants to be directed to more than three screens just to check out their wares. Do not leave a bitter taste on the customer’s mouth with unnecessary back and forth shoving.


4. Availability Of Customer Support 


Did you know that there are such things as dead websites? Not in the real sense of the word though. This means that the online store seems deserted with no one to tend to the customers.

A pop up customer support button is as equally important as the shop attendants in physical stores. Let there always be someone to answer, direct, reply and confirm to customer’s needs. 


5. Pleasant Display

A client might not be interested in your products for the moment but the manner in which you display your items might draw them in to buy. It is advisable to display the items on offer where most visible, for instance the home page. This will entice your the passerby to look around and possibly buy.


6. Product Description

Window shopping also occurs in online stores. Good luck trying to verbally convince a customer to purchase a product that they cannot see. Post a picture of the product in the most realistic sense and watch the sales hit the roof. It is also important to specifically describe the product the best way possible. Last but not least, indicate the prices. If the products are on offer, indicate the before and after prices. This always wins the customers over to your court.


Online shops are as equally important and sensitive as physical shops. The better the job at setting it up the better the chances of pulling in customers and keep them coming back.