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Safaricom Mpesa Developer guide mpesa IPN guide Mpesa Developer Guide
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1.1 About this Guide

This guide provides technical information about integrating and configuring the M-PESA Instant Payment Notification within your environment.

1.2 Intended Audience

This document is intended for developers, integrating M-PESA IPN into their own applications or websites. You will probably require test accounts for which you need to contact Safaricom.

1.3 System Overview

M-PESA IPN provides two main functionalities;

PUSH Service When a payment is made by your customer to your Paybill or Buy Goods number, payment information is automatically forwarded (PUSHED) to your server.
PULL Service Your application queries the MPESA IPN Server for payment information. This ideally enables you to check payment notification even if the same have not been relayed to your server.

MPESA IPN enables Paybill/Buy Goods merchants to receive real-time notification to their systems whenever funds are sent to their Paybill Number/Buy Goods Till. 

Mpesa Developers Guide [This guide is for developers who want to integrate MPESA IPN into their applications] 440 kB