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Best WordPress Hosting Kenya

To know the companies that offer the best WordPress hosting in Kenya, it is imperative to look at the value that they provide their clients. You can determine a great host using various components; performance, reliability of support, speed, and pricing. Mambo Microsystems Ltd is the leader when it comes to affordable and reliable WordPress hosting solutions. Because it is not easy to know which […]

Why WordPress is the Best CMS

More than half of websites on the Internet run on WordPress. The platform’s popularity is not only because of the sleek designs of its themes but also its ease of installation. Many users are also attracted to it because it is free and professional in appearance. has WordPress experts who can help you get the best WordPress experience. Besides hosting services, we can help […]

Best Hosting Companies

At Mambo Microsystems Ltd, we offer hosting services that will get your business up and be running on the web in no time. We have different affordable hosting packages from you can choose. There is always something to suit all our clients’ diverse needs. If you are looking for speed, reliability, and unlimited technical support, come to, we are the best hosting company in […]

Buy Company Emails

Effective email communication is important in portraying a professional appearance of a company. If you are looking for email solutions that are easy to use, robust, and reliable, Mambo Microsystems Ltd offers secure emails that you can use your domain name to send out communications to your clients. If you want to buy company emails, then you are at the right place. Our emails are […]

Safaricom Release Mpesa Public API For Developers

Safaricom has opened up M-Pesa by issuing a public API, allowing local and international developers to create applications that use the platform as the main payment option. This will allow creation of mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms possible. Developers can now innovate products that assist in developing financial products and grow their own businesses linking them to M-Pesa. The move increases the […]

How M-Pesa Revolutionized Business In Kenya

M-Pesa is a mobile money platform whereby subscribers can conduct financial transactions to send or send money using a mobile phone. It also functions as an electronic wallet that user can use to hold up to 100,000 Kenyan shillings. It is a product of Safaricom, the dominant mobile network provider in Kenya. It is remotely comparable to the Western Union or Hawala banking, but it […]

Why Nairobi Is Africa Top Investment Destination for Technology Companies

Over the last few years, Nairobi has fast turned to a Silicon Savannah blossoming into a regional model for technology innovations even attracting global attention. Nairobi is teeming with international ICT companies’ bases, mobile money transfer platforms, and e-commerce giants.What is the secret to becoming the topic investment destination for technology companies? Reliable Technology Infrastructure The achievements that technology players have been achieving would be […]

How to Start an Internet Business

The internet or online business is a business activity of any kind that takes place over the internet. It is also called an e-business. There are many sorts of internet businesses that you can begin, but it is essential to consider these factors to pick the best one for you. 1.Determine Your Niche The Internet is full of businesses. For yours to survive, it is […]

Why Choose Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated hosting refers to a configuration in which a host devotes a server to a single organization or for one purpose such as a website. It is the opposite of shared hosting whereby a server hosts multiple clients. Dedicated hosting is also called a dedicated server. It can be set-up in-house or externally as a service within a data center. Dedicated hosting comes with the […]

The Future of AI and IoT

Scientists have been using neural networks in the last few years to make many breakthroughs in machine learning to mimic various processes by real neurons. The deep learning allows machines to process information alone at very sophisticated level. Although much of this technology is relatively basic, much advanced AI is coming up to change our daily lives significantly. Here are some ways that AI will […]

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