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What are the best examples of the ‘Internet of things’? How IoT is already changing life at home

The internet of things or in short, IoT refers to the growing network of physical devices that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. It also describes the communication that occurs between these devices and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Basically, how they talk to each other. The internet of things is also referred to as the internet of everything, IoE. It consists of all […]

Why Instagram is Building a Standalone E-commerce Site Entrepreneurs and Bloggers get ready

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world. Available on both Android and iOS users, the app has over 1 billion downloads. That is a seventh of the world’s population. Now not many apps have been able to conquer that feat, but Instagram is one of them. Among other popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, among others. Also check: Top web hosting […]

Benin Adds to List of African Countries Taxing Social Media A new addition to the list of African countries taxing social media

In what seems to be a crackdown on social media use, Benin has joined a list of African countries who have imposed social media tax on their citizens. Initially, Tanzania and Uganda were the pioneers, and soon after Egypt followed as well. The governments have deemed the move justifiable. Among the reasons include increased revenue for their respective countries and to cut down ‘Lugambo’ as […]

What is the difference between IMAP and Exchange? The protocols for email services

For anyone doing business or freelance, the importance of emails for communications, cannot be understated. Having your emails sent and received when starting out and even after being well established, it is important to get it right. This means, your emails need to be set up to receive emails even on the go, so you can stay updated and get all your work or school […]

Google Chrome has a New Design for its 10th Anniversary What to expect on the new user interface

  Alphabet celebrated the 10th anniversary for their pioneer search engine browser chrome. For its anniversary Google announced some changes for the world’s most popular browser. The changes are both aesthetic and functional for their millions of users. Also see: Reliable Web Hosting Company Most notably their app has a flatter looking design that is more in line with googles material design principles. The look […]

Is E-Healthcare, the new digital commerce in Africa? Increased mobile innovations indicates a growing industry

There is ample access to new technology on the African continent. As a budding hub with 1 billion people full of potential, it is no wonder tech giants and foregoing investors are looking to the continent for new technological frontiers. With a relatively young population, with more than half of the continent’s inhabitants falling in the age range of between 18-35, Africa is the youngest […]

Finserve: Equity’s Introduction to Financial Technology

The idea for Finserve came a few years ago, in 2016 when the model was unveiled to make business transactions seamless between African countries. It promised a hassle-free experience when sending and receiving payments from a different country. The original idea was to work with financial providers and businesses across borders to merge various payment options in the east and central Africa on one convenient […]

Solvatten: Where Technology Meets Solar and Water How one Swedish company is making water safer with tech and some sunshine

In the capital city of Kenya, the East African tech and investment hub, with multiple skyscrapers and over 3 million people; water is still rationed. Believe it or not the African metropolitan still faces multiple issues with consistent clean water running through its taps. It is not uncommon to see a local vendor with containers full of water circling estates, especially during a dry or […]

Find Out How Technology is Reducing Water Scarcity in Kenya IBM pitches in to resolve water scarcity in arid zones

Researchers have come together to create a water management platform for Kenyans who live in arid areas and counties riddled with constant drought. Out of the approximately 46 million Kenyans, a solid 41 pc rely on water from natural resources such as ponds, shallow wells, and rivers. A challenge that is experienced especially in the rural areas. Also check: Reliable Web hosting company In the […]

Okolea: The Kenyan lending app with a twist Accompanied by different interest bands

  Once again, another lending app has been launched in Kenya. With the likes of the American Branch, Kenya’s own Tala, Safaricom’s Mshwari, KCB loans via KCB bank, Pesapap by Family bank and CBA Loop with Commercial Bank of Africa, the list goes on. Kenya is a loan taking economy and a nation that thrives on loans as a stepping stone for entrepreneurial ventures. The […]

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