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SSL is a secure socket layer, an encryption technology that secures connections between web server and browser to prevent unauthorized parties from using other computers in between to hack.   Installation is in the form of an SSL certificate whose sign is a green bar or a padlock when you browse into such a website.  

Why Buy SSL in Kenya  

Kenya is an internet hub, and transferring non-encrypted data makes it prone to stealing, compromise, interception or eavesdropping. Cybercriminals will have a simple time to interject personal information to use it for fraud activities. You need to get an SSL certificate from the certificate authorities (CA) or resellers. It is after installation onto a web server that the application protocol (HTTP) will change to secure. simplifies the process because it is a Kenyan company that enables local websites to get SSL certificates quicker and cost-effective way. The certificates come with value, adding features that make websites more secure and attractive to visitors.  The SSL certification brings these immediate benefits. 

1. Enhanced data protection 

Improving data security by protecting server-client communication is the core function of SSL. SSL encrypts all the information.  It in layman’s language means locking of data that only the intended recipient (server or browser) after it reaches the destination and nothing else can unlock. SSL in this aspect prevent attacks by skimmers and hackers who thrive by stealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, usernames, or passwords. SSL turns data to an undecipherable format that outmaneuvers hacker skills because SSL certificates have unsurpassable encryption technology. 


With Mambo’s SSL service you are able to get a wide variety of SSL certificates for secure connection. Get Reliable, Professional and Affordable SSL now and Secure your site and add trust & confidence for your visitors.

2. Affirms identity  

 Authentication is another primary reason to buy SSL in Kenya. Verifying identity is an essential thing since some people use the internet for deception. They put up fake websites and use them to gain money, information, or other favors from people thinking they are genuine providers of a service or product.  The technical term for impersonating on the internet is phishing. A certificate Authority depending on the type of certificate can verify the identity of an organization and person behind a website. The verification provides users with a guarantee that they are dealing with a genuine person.  

3. Improves search engine rankings  

Websites with HTTPS are secure as the ‘s’ at the end intonates. Google made changes that favor HTTPS-enabled websites as the owners are verified. The correlation between HTTPS and high search engine rankings makes buying SSL a worth investment.  It will assist in the efforts to be the first on Google first page, which is a dream for everyone. 

4. Improves customer trust  

 SSL certificates are vital in gaining the trust of the customers because they trust the data the share by sending to your site is secured. They can see the identity details of your organization after you install an organization or extended validation SSL. Most people online are careful and are more likely to do business and even revisit with an organization with a website they can trust. 

Where to Buy SSL in Kenya  

Many companies sell SSL, but a Kenyan owned company Like Mambo Microsystems LTD   with a desire to build the economy offer a better deal. You will get a choice of these SSL certificate products for you to choose the plan that suits your website function and budget. These products range between Kes 999 and 120,000 a year are on offer with a warranty of up to $1,500,000. 

  1. Domain validation: CA issues DM SSL certificate for necessary encryption after checking if the applicant has a right to use the specific domain. It does not require identification information of the company. 
  2. Organization validation: An SSL is a certificate that CA issues after vetting of company or organization information for display to visitors upon clicking the secure site seal. 
  3. Extended Validation: EV is the highest SSL certification after extended vetting of the person ordering the certificate and business or organization that might take a few days or weeks. EV prevents phishing. 

For data security and credibility of your website, it is essential to buy SSL in Kenya. 

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