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Kenya Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is a type of hosting that involves saving files remotely on virtual space. The users of this service can access information through the internet without being at a specific place. Cloud hosting is providing the service of allowing users to store files as well as applications on remote servers for access to the data through the internet.  Cloud hosting eliminates the need to […]

Smart home solutions selling in the USA

The world today continues to evolve with all the technological advances that is constantly being formulated by many tech industries. The situation has led to many gadgets and devices becoming manufactured thus meeting and improving the needs of consumers. Today, smart homes are everywhere in the US. Many marketers are marketing these products and homes to prospective clients on residents that use internet-connected devices enabling […]

Middle Eastern Taxi App, steps into Sudan with confidence They are launching in their 14th country

  Careem is a middle eastern ride-hailing app. The startup has been so successful in the middle east that it has already achieved unicorn status. Its American counterpart and competitor are even in rumored talks to acquire the ride-sharing company, rather than merge with them for collaborated business in the middle east. They have recently ventured into Asia, through India and now, they have debuted […]

Machine Learning and Data Science in Kenya Bringing women in machine learning and data science together

Machine learning is the new frontier of the technology industry. Artificial intelligence has already been implemented by some countries to operate self-driving cars and home robots. The new technological developments are both challenging and innovative. The main reason behind artificial intelligence is to facilitate life with simpler methods of dealing with complex solutions. Easy long-lasting solutions that embrace yet again, the future. It is dynamic […]

How to buy mail domain in Office 365 Buying domain via Office 365

Office 365 is the office cloud services offered by Microsoft for business and enterprise solutions. Microsoft has gone the inclusive way to offer plans for students and home users. This could be a freelancer or a remote worker. Office 365 now has a plan for you. Students who also need to work offline or use the whole Microsoft productivity suite for their school work, now […]

Moringa School- Kenya’s Coding Academy Kenyan's get world class training at Moringa

Moringa has entered the African digital economy by launching a school in the internet hub of East Africa, Nairobi to impressive success. They have so far launched teaching courses and held some camps for their students. They have registered a 95% job placement rate for their graduates. The academy is now sought after by eager learners from more than ten countries after establishing a well-known […]

Kenyan Developers can Now Sell Apps on Google Play Store Kenyan developers get access to publish paid apps.

Google just put Kenya on a list of African countries that can access the google merchant account. The google merchant account allows developers to publish paid apps. This news comes soon after Google integrated an Xpress billing method with M-PESA that allows Android users to pay for apps directly via their MPESA accounts. Kenya is among a chosen few countries in Africa including Tanzania, Tunisia, […]

New Technologies in the Taxi Business

Uber has taken the world by storm. Yes, the world. They started in San Francisco and now they are here in Nairobi. Their success has not waned although they have received significant uprising from other traditional taxi businesses and backlash for the way they run their business. They are still minting money! The reason behind their success is technology and innovation. They solved our problem […]

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