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A domain name is essential because it gives uniqueness to your website and increases the possibility that the people will remember it. A domain name adds mobility to internet presence because you can register a name matching your business concept to draw web surfers. It also increases brand awareness when you choose a domain matching the activity of your company or organization. When customers remember the name because of its association with the domain, they will also inform others by word of mouth. 

Everyone is searching for affordable service including domain registration and web hosting. 

KENIC (The Kenya Network Information Centre) an establishment of Communications Authority of Kenya is a limited company with the license to manage and administer dot ke    Top level domain.  KENIC cannot serve everyone as people require different domains. Others require .ke domains but are wary about the bureaucracy that characterizes service provision by government, its parastatals and other entities.  Many still prefer domain registration through their web hosts. 

How to get Cheap Domain Registration Kenya  

Registering a domain in Kenya through a web hosting service provider is quicker, simpler and convenient as someone will do everything about the registration for you. There is even assistance to identify the most suitable domain name. If you are searching for a low-cost domain, you need to find a company like It is one of the web hosts that provide cheap domain registration and still offers quality hosting service. There is a variety of these domain packages that you can get a just Kes 1500($15). 

  1. 1. .com: stands for a commercial which is an ideal choice for businesses and personal website. 
  2. 2. .org: this domain stands for organization. It is suitable for use by those running open source projects and communities. It is an ideal domain for the non-profit making entities. 
  3. 3. .net: An extension standing for the network. It is a complement to other domains to safeguard internet identity. 
  4. 4. This is a domain implying company in Kenya. It is an ideal choice for a company which has made it become the most used Kenyan extension. 


We are a professional and reliable hosting company and a trusted domain name provider that is passionate about Web hosting services. Since the right domain name can set you up for business success our plans are tailored to esnure you get a perfect domain name.

.KE Domain  

 It is simpler to buy the .ke domains such as or than a generic top-level domain like .net or .com.  It is reserved for Kenyan businesses. 

You should consider it if the intention of establishing a website is to target a local audience. .ke domain makes it simpler for Kenyan web users to find your site on the internet giving you an edge of over competitors who use international domains in Kenya.  Many surfers choose to select.KE powered domain from the search engine results when searching for local businesses or products than other tld. If you want a domain that suits the nature of your business, it will rank better in the search engines.   

A local domain eases location identification procedure for website visitors and also search engines. Site visitors can in an instant tell the location of business without taking much time to visit the contact or about us page. 

You can get a .ke domain at a low price that begins as low at Kes 1000($10) at   There is a variety of available names for this domain, and there is an assurance of getting high search engine rankings. 

As you note it does not require you to have much money like the top companies to register a domain. There is a cheap domain registration Kenya service that will help to increase the visibility of your website. 

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