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Web hosting is essential for all websites if they are to make a presence on the internet.  Hosting can take many forms, including reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is, therefore, an act by a web host to buy a bulk plan from the hosting company that subdivides it into smaller plans before reselling them to the individual users. 

Due to the sharing aspect, many may think that shared, and reseller hosting is the same.  Users share the hosting in both, but there is a difference.  

Reseller hosting:  A form of hosting where an account owner can use allotted hard drive space as well as bandwidth to the host websites. It is on behalf of the third parties. A reseller purchases the services of a host wholesale and sells them to the customers usually at a profit. 

 Shared hosting: This plan is by a web hosting service provider who uses one web server to host pages for many websites with each having a different internet domain name. 

Where to Get Cheap Reseller Hosting Kenya  

Reseller hosting requires skills on web hosting techniques by the provider. It should also be a cheaper option compared to dedicated hosting.     Mambo Microsystems LTD is a popular cheap reseller hosting Kenya provider with a reliable, convenient control panel and value-added features. The reseller hosting packages are customized to suit the requirements of the clients to enable them to achieve success in web hosting ventures. 

The applications are browser-based, and the reseller servers are specialized to suit the customers. You get white label marketing tools and solution, meaning that the servers will be in your name.  You can resell hosting to customers who will never know your actual host since the selling interface is customized to promote your reselling business. 

A hosted reseller account has a WHM allowing creating of customized packages for clients. It is a win-win strategy to buy a reseller hosting plan that allows designing of tailored solutions for the customers as they will benefit and become loyal subscribers. 


Get the best and reliable reseller hosting services from us. Our plans are tailored to include standard features like personalized 24/7 technical support, and 99.9% uptime. We have a state-of-art hosting infrastructure and reliable team of experts for the best hosting experience.

Why Cheap Reseller Hosting Kenya 

The first benefit of reseller hosting is that it has a low budget.  The price of bandwidth and disk space is low, especially with a service provider offering a variety of services.  

The cost of maintenance is low because the parent web hosting company rectifies any issues and not the reseller.  The low cost and maintenance overheads make it profitable when you all the space or decide to sell part of it.  You can acquire a level 1 hosting plan at Mambo Microsystems with a capacity of 25 reselling accounts, 25 GB disk space and a bandwidth of 500 GB for just Kes 1900($19) per month. 

There is a choice of other cheap reseller hosting plans depending on disk space and bandwidth requirements with unlimited resold accounts, email, and MYSQL DB support. Level IV  has the highest capacity with 3000 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth with unlimited resold accounts, email and MYSQL DB support at only Kes 4900($49) per month.  Reseller hosting also has more features.   

 For instance, you can enjoy these features by subscribing to reseller hosting. 

 Reseller control panel: You can with a web host manager create and modify unlimited hosting packages. The control panel allows assigning of features, disk space, and anything else. 

Hosting of multiple sites: Hosting reseller can design their hosting packages from resources allocated to a 100% white label service account. 

Fast, reliable servers: The reseller servers are exclusive and high powered to ensure optimal performance. 

Reseller hosting allows access to full space package for your use or reselling to other users at your rate with an advantage of low cost, closer control, and income generation opportunity.

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