Cheap SSL in Kenya

SSL means secure socket layer an encryption technology for encrypting the connection between a web server and web browser of the visitors. It protects sensitive data while traveling across the internet from access by unauthorized malicious parties.  

SSL protects information so that access is only by the intended recipient. It is essential because information passes across different computers before getting t the destined server. A computer in between the sender and recipient can be a tool to access sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers if it does not have encryption with an SSL certificate. 

SSL certificates are the small data files that bind cryptographic key digitally to details of an organization.   It triggers activation of a padlock and https protocol to allow secure connections from the web server to a browser. 

Initiating a secure session with the browsers takes effect after installing SSL certificate onto the web server.  The proof of the successful installation of an SSL certificate on a server is the changing of an application protocol (HTTP) to HTTPs.     The ‘S’ means secure. A browser can show a green bar or a padlock when you visit a website with an SSL certificate. The indicator depends on the type of certificate and browser to surf the internet. 

 You activate SSL when you have a dedicated IP address them to create the certificate. You can create it, but all popular browsers check with the Certificate Authorities (CAs) as they have a form of a long password that people use visit HTTPs to visit your site. The CAs can vouch for you if you buy a certificate through them. 


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Acquiring Cheap SSL in Kenya  

The process of buying a certificate, installing and updating a website to use HTTPS is not the work of an amateur.  Understanding the process does not mean automatic protection, and you need help from organizations with knowledge like the provider of most trusted and secure SSL certificates.  You will get guidance on setting up the trusted infrastructure to validate your identity and managing the cost.  The functions and income by websites are different so you will get an opportunity to choose the right SSL certificate for you among these. 

SSL certificates 

1. Domain validation  

This is the most basic SSL type. These are the certificates that provide basic encryption and the least expensive. These are certificates for basic encryption for quick issuance as it just involves simple verification of domain ownership. 

2. Organization validation  

SSL certificates that include authentication of the organization or business behind the domain name. It brings a higher level of security, letting customers know that your server is trustworthy to hold their personal information. 

3. Extended validation  

This is top of the line SSL certification. The certification involves conducting an in-depth examination of the business before considering issuing of a certificate.  The extent of certification provides the highest degree of security. It also has more user trust. 

 Why Get Cheap SSL in Kenya  

Getting cheap SSL provides the much needed of the information transmitted from your site from interception before reaching the destined person.  It gives a guarantee of data security after spending within your budget.  You will, at this lower cost increase traffic to your site because the visitors can see the protected status of the site. A cheap SSL certificate does not mean it is inferior if it is from a trustworthy provider such as The SSL certificate is handpicked to ensure it has a secure browser ubiquity. You will get the best support with an account manager to handle inquiries and provide support.  SSL protects the information, eliminates the doubt of information getting to the wrong server, and is a requirement for websites dealing with credit card payments. All these reasons are enough to find cheap SSL in Kenya.

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