Connectivity predictions in Sub Saharan Africa by 2025 Africa continues to rise to the digital occasion

At the GSMA Mobile 360 event taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, the company released a mobile report based on sub-Saharan Africa. According to their report, an estimated 52% of Africans which translates to 634 million will be connected to a mobile service by 2025. The report released in 2017 shows that at present, 44% are connected to a mobile service, which are an estimated 444 million people on the continent. This will be a significant rise over the next seven years.

The Chief Regulatory officer, John Giusti says that more needs to be done to connect the underserved populations in Africa, as mobile devices act as more than just a communications device. It is also a vital tool used to improve the livelihoods of people. Today, everything can be done on a smart device. Read, edit and save docs. Entertainment via streaming service is also provided through mobile devices. Hence serving people much more than through communication alone.

The CRO says that there needs to be a focus on the long-term industry sustainability that can only be achieved through investment friendly policies and supportive regulatory frameworks, across Africa. Now although Africa has had the highest adoption rate of mobile technology, penetration is still below average. This is in large part because of affordability and the youthful age of the continent’s inhabitants. The world average s at 66% while Africa hovers at 44%. The demographic stands at 40% of them being under the age of sixteen which proves it harder for the youngsters to own a smartphone at that age.

However, many companies continue to flock to Africa with new pocket-friendly devices, which has caused ownership to pick up. More than that it has accelerated migration to 3G/LTE broadband connectivity. Which is a pretty good speed. Additionally, about 300 million people are expected to have access to the internet by the turn of a quarter century mark comes.

GSMA continued to praise the growth taking place stating that the mobile industry in Africa is showing strong progress. In thanks to increased connectivity and access to information as well as mobile money which has increased productivity and reduced poverty on the continent.

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