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Customer Testimonials

Jeff Barram

I just spent the last 30 minutes receiving excellent service in the online chat center with a rep named Elena. She went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and I am very grateful. Furthermore I have be extremely impressed with Mambo Microsystems; not only as a company but as a service provider. Thank you so much!
Maria Julie

As a user of Mambo Microsystems for just one year, I have, like others, had occasion to request assistance, and in each and every case, the service provide by has been exemplary excellent with both the live chat and e-mail response.
Ken Wanjui

I already have an account with Mambo Microsystems, and I was looking for information about starting another account in order to have my own blog.

I began a live chat to ask about transferring my domain over to you. Your sales rep immediately asked me to hold, and very politely told me he was transferring me to a "senior sales representative." I didn't get his/her
name, but that person should be thanked - it made me feel great to have a "senior" person on my case. Then, Kristina came on line and was extremely helpful. I needed a bit more information at my end before switching, and we hung up. She then sent me an email. This extra follow-up now REALLY makes me feel like a valued customer. Plus, Kristina writes grammatically and carefully, so she presents that professional image that makes me - a scared neophyte - feel more secure.

I consult in business (health care) and have another business: when I see somebody like Kristina who goes that extra mile, I tell my clients. You should be glad to have her. Regards.
Evan Njoroge

I have been trying out a few different hosting solutions over the last few years and I just felt that I had to write to you and say Mambo Microsystems is by far the best hosting service I have came across. Prices, information on the site, and the control panel is all brilliant. Installed phpNuke via the CP with no hassle and speed to the site seem to be very good as well.
Richard Oyee

I sent in a help desk ticket about my site being unavailable/very slow due to an overloaded server. Five minutes after sending in that ticket, a technician responded stating the problem very clearly, and said that they would do their best to try to fix the problem. About 5 minutes after, my Websites pages started loading faster. That's what I call fast service.

Thank You again Mambo Microsystems for your great service.
Keep up the good work.
Maria Cedano

I have to say that Mambo Microsystems has the friendliest and fastest support and sales of any of my prior and current web hosting providers!
Janet Kathleen,

I just wanted to thank the Mambo Microsystems team for the excellent service they have given me over the last year and a half. I've had such a hassle-free experience, I'm completely amazed. It's been a pleasure working with you as my host.
Ryan Orrico,

I am extremely pleased with the Mambo Microsystems customer service and tech support.

Mambo Microsystems, by far, is the best host I have ever dealt with. The staff is awesome and quick to respond to everything!

Thanks from a new lifelong Mambo Microsystems customer!
Tommy Bennett, 2 websites with Mambo Microsystems

I established my domain over a year ago and I've just assisted a client in establishing a 5 site reseller account with Mambo Microsystems.

I have used a few different hosting services and I can honestly say that the Mambo Microsystems hosting services are the best I've found for price, ease of use, and support.
Thank you again for your excellent service!
Markus Hausammann

I have seen many hosting companies and many different online help desks and support systems but I have never seen anything as good looking, easy-to-use, well working and fast in response as this! This is a revelation and I will not purchase hosting from any other company in the future if Mambo Microsystems holds up this level of service!
Philippe Braem

I just wanted to thank the whole Mambo Microsystems team for the excellent service you provide! Thanks to Mambo Microsystems I'm in the beginning of discovering all those wonderful things like Joomla! and all the rest. I must say for a "newbie" like I am in these kind of things it is a bit overwhelming! I think you give a great service and, what is more, it is at a reasonable price too!
Marie, 4 sites with Mambo Microsystems

Thank you so much, Mambo Microsystems! If there is something we talk about around here, it is the great technical support Mambo Microsystems provides.Mambo Microsystems could not provide such great tech support without the knowledgeable people that are doing the work.

We have four accounts with Mambo Microsystems and we are always blown away by the excellent technical support we receive. Three of those accounts were moved from another provider - there is no comparison!

I had two days of work in that Site; I dreaded redoing everything. Again, thank you!
Peter Biden

I must be allowed to say that I am so surprised with the response and
helpfulness of your support service, that I can't really express it in

Truly amazing response times you folks are serving!

Since last time we spoke, I have added another subscription together with a
friend of mine in Holland, and if all goes well, I suspect we'll need a
dedicated server in the future. ;-)

Thanks again to you all at Siteground: It feels comforting to have such nice
and helpful people taking care of business!
Nicolas Mugambi

I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great site. You have excellent tutorials that have helped me understand more about several topics in a few minutes than after reading several "manuals"! I'll be recommending you to a lot of people. Thanks again.
PS, I already have 2 sites with you and am about to transfer a 3rd over!
Elias Mathenge

I've been using your service for a little while. I am very pleased and actually very impressed with your cpanel as well as your support (I've spoken with pre-sales a few times)....I just wanted you to know that everyone has been VERY HELPFUL!!

Ree Whites


Just wanted to say I had my site transferred yesterday, with my database and forums and users and its totally awesome how fast and everything is working great...

Thanks for the great work, I'm so pleased!
Jessica Brown

Just want to say that your customer service department is AWESOME!!! They have been going out of their way to help me all day today and I have been helped via phone, live chat, and support tickets. I was very surprised at how quickly my support tickets were answered!! I definitely made the right move in switching to this host!
John Wainaina

I would like to submit this letter firstly as a thank you and secondly as a recommendation.

Recently, I switched accounts to your site. I came across your service not through recommendations but rather through internet searches and blogging. Truth be told, I didn't find any real bad press. (Usually that is not necessarily a good thing!) So, I built our first ecommerce site with your hosting service and the staff even helped to install the software. I will be frank -- the installation had some 'kinks' -- but this is par for the course. I've been in the field for more than 20 years and always there are kinks.

I wish to thank you and your staff. The support -- through your online ticketing is superb and really less than 5 minutes -- you can actually see them working on it!

At the beginning of the week I attended an internet 2007 conference. The clear message for the next year on the internet is User Driven content and business. Clearly you are providing this platform and framework. I am and feel that I am in control of the system and process. Even when things do not go perfectly (and like I said, they didn't always) I am in control. So, thank you Mambo Microsystems. Keep up the stats and good work. Meantime, I will be bringing in more sites.
Ann Wambui
Just a "thank you" note for the exceptional service & value I've received so far. As someone with just enough technical knowledge to cause troubles, I've found your systems to be quick, easy, flexible and powerful.

I'll fully admit that my needs are "less than professional"; a group of friends and I play "WorldOfWarcraft", and needed a guild website. Within a day, I had a site up and running, with functional forums and news items. Over the next week or so, I've added other features that game players expect: a calendar, a guild roster, etc., all using components that were a snap to setup and install, including Joomla and PHP-BB (installed via your own online tools), plus JCalPro (a Joomla-based event calendar), WoWRoster (for listing our in-game characters), EQDKP (tracking attendance to in-game events), itemlink (to provide extra details on in-game items), and more from the open source community. It's been a learning experience, but your online tools have made things incredibly quick, informative, and simple.

I've had only one "issue" (entirely my own fault), requiring that my primary domain name be changed mere hours after I'd selected it (I'd jumped the gun a bit on picking a URL). Your support staff responded immediately, helped me quickly and professionally, and did so entirely online (no phone calls, hold times, etc.).

I discovered your service while searching Google for "warcraft guild hosting"; wanted to let you know that your ARE reaching your target market, and that your solutions are a great match indeed.

In terms of "suggestions": perhaps adding some of the above-listed, WorldOfWarcraft-specific components to the "Fantasico" list would be helpful for folks with similar needs to mine? Otherwise: things have gone very smoothly.

Thanks again!
Koishizo Konetoma

You aren't kidding about being fast. Places where you have to PAY for the support aren't this fast. Your speed in your reponses not only shows the care you give your customers it shows your knowledge. You know what your doing, it's obvious that when your asked something, you aren't off somewhere reading and researching the answer. Granted my questions haven't been the most complex but still your answering and solving questions quicker than i can nuke my dinner.
Rich Manne
Thanks, as always, for excellent support! With past service providers, I've had to send multiple, clearly-worded requests for relatively simple service just to get them to understand my request! With Mambo Microsystems, each request, even if it seems more complicated, is answered with unbelievable speed and most importantly, accuracy. There is nothing better in Web Hosting than posting a support ticket and having it fixed, time and again, within minutes (not that you need lots of support tickets, with the large help database!)! Thanks!
Barion Waithira

Hello to all the Support Team,

Thank you very much for a lightning reply...I am very satisfied with your excellent service. I will always be your customer for life. You are the greatest web hosting I?ve ever dealt with. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Again!
Bruce Martin

I just signed up tonight. Your tech support team is dynamite... No wonder you get so many referrals!

Awesome service!
Chantal Pare, 2 websites with Mambo Microsystems

I want to thank the technical support that helped import my forum's database from IPS hosting to Mambo Microsystems.

I was very nervous about the whole thing, but everything went over as smoothly as possible when carrying out this kind of move.

I am exceedingly please with the service I have received.
Ken Hodgson

I CANNOT believe how amazing your tech support is. I don't think I've
ever had such a great customer service experience from a tech company before. Everytime I have asked a question you guys exceeded my expectations in terms of solving the problem IMMEDIATELY and within MINUTES!!!

I have to say that I am truly amazed! I will certainly consider you guys for any other web service we may need for my business in the future. You should be VERY proud of your company's approach to serving clients.