Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is one computer in a network reserved to serve the needs of a network. It provides the owners a similar functionality to an in-house server.  You get a dedicated server by renting it from a web hosting service provider. You will rent the server, software, and internet connection. It is more private than a non-dedicated server that puts many servers by different organizations in a shared environment. A dedicated server will only contain your data, and access is restricted.  

 Where to find Dedicated Servers  

Any unauthorized activity will cause a serious impact. You should find a committed web host with a track record of offering user-friendly and secure hosting service. A web hosting company like Mambo Microsystems LTD that has been offering hosting services and winning awards has everything it takes to provide secure dedicated servers. 

 It is a user-friendly company that allows users to choose their desired operating system so you can manage and configure the dedicated server. You will install nearly all the software you need, modify the services, maintain and update the site. You will still receive advanced support any time you need assistance with complex activities like software set up or installing a script. 

A dedicated server at    has the latest hardware from Dell Server Technology that offers reliable performance.      Server set up takes place the same day you pay. You will get selected servers setup in less than 4 hours. You will get a dedicated server with the space that you consider fitting for your website activities with 100% network uptime guarantee.  It will also have a high speed and level of security.  

A beneficial aspect of dealing with seasoned web hosts like Mambo Microsystems is that it has experts to provide quality and personalized support round the clock through live chat, email ticket system, or phone.  However, the choice to pick your operating system enables you to install a program, upgrade core systems, reboot or do anything without the need to call for help. 


Mambo is among the leading Kenya Dedicated Servers Services providers with guaranteed features such as top performance, reliability and the latest server hardware from Dell Server Technology. Get started today for the best Dedicated Servers Services.

Why you Need Dedicated Servers  

1. Enhanced security  

Dedicated servers come with the freedom to provide optimal security to your site and stored data. Security for servers in other shared hosting plans lies with the hosting company.    Installing firewalls, antivirus, updates, and patches is no your role, so the hosting provider does not involve you. It will take you long to know of any breaching into your website. 

Dedicated servers do transmit multiple data by various websites.  Access is limited as there is no sharing of resources.   Some dedicated servers are semi-managed by hosting providers, but there is freedom to specify your responsibilities and that of the service provider.  

2. More reliability 

 The housing of a dedicated server is usually in a data center, which is more reliable because these centers have alternate power sources when the usual grid falls. It might even be a diesel generator but keeps data flowing when power is out. 

3. Better website speeds  

Renting hosting space for a website means sharing a server with many websites that can be hundreds or thousands. All these take much disk space, bandwidth and reduce the processing memory.  The server’s owner allocates limits to each hosted site considering their running alongside the profits. You might be a victim of unseen sanction that limits disk space, bandwidth, and processing memory. It will hurt functionality and traffic when your site loads at low speeds. Switching to dedicated servers improves speed and prevents downtime and slow loading. 

Dedicate servers are an essential factor for websites receiving a lot of traffic and holding sensitive information.  It is not expensive when you get it through a professional web host such as with a variety of choice for different budgets. The prices start at Kes 13,900 per month for single CPU multiple core servers and Kes 28,900 for multiple CPUs, multiple cores servers. 

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