Silicon Valley Company Signs deal with Mombasa county Mombasa Edges Closer to 2035 Smart City Plan

Mombasa county has stepped up to the devolution challenge by offering inhabitants a new frontier in education. The county has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Mombasa County government to establish academies with a reputable IT company from Silicon Valley. The aim is for digital training to take place. The place has been described as ‘a region on the San Francisco Peninsula in California where the miniaturized electronics industry is centered, so called because most of the devices built there are made of semiconductors such as silicon’.

Silicon Valley in the united states is known for being a hub for IT enthusiasts and innovators. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and the likes have their headquarters in the bay area. This area of America boasts tech entrepreneurs and creators who make simple solutions for making life better using complicated code and algorithms to solve problems. Their interest in the Kenyan market is of great benefit to both the count of Mombasa and the entrepreneurs who will deliver these services.

Africa is on the frontier for mobile phone adaptation due to its largely youthful population who are eager to use smartphones and be in the digital know how. At present everything especially business and education are moving to the online sphere. Making this an important area to gain and have knowledgeable skills.

Cisco Systems, a leading internet provider will launch a project at various institutions in Mombasa, in a bid to educate the youth on changing trends in the digital industry. The aim is to prepare them for the job market that has been a vastly dynamic place, due to changing digital innovations and techniques. The Cisco Affairs Manager in charge of East and Central Africa, Hital Muraj said they will offer courses in information technology to equip learners with cutting-edge skills, that will prepare them for the global marketplace.
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The company held a two-day training conference at the coastal county, welcoming over 70 academy trainers from South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and 47 other academies in the country. Mr. Hital emphasized that there is a special program offered for women in technical institutions who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and deaf youths. These groups of minorities will have an equal chance to learn and flourish in their classes while benefiting from this education.

In addition to the digital skills the students will acquire, Cisco systems are looking to impart professional skills as well as to the youth. In preparation for the workplace, professional etiquette and mannerisms are very important. They will get to learn on problem-solving and how to relate with people in a professional set up. As part of this agreement, the institutions that will benefit from the program include technical and vocational institutions. Polytechnics, colleges and high schools that have computers available.

The Deputy Governor, William Kingi said this move was in line with the county’s smart city plan for 2035. The collaboration between Cisco systems, Swahili Pot Hub and Kenya National Polytechnic will churn out IT Savvy youth. They will eventually pick up the baton and become part of the workforce for the county set on a digital transformation.

Mombasa county is based on the coastal part of Kenya. It is an island rich in cultural heritage and tourist destinations for people to visit. It is well known the world over, for its sandy white beaches and warm summer weather. The county has in recent past been grappling with insecurity, garbage collection at the central business district and even drug trafficking. Having a huge port, there are both ups and downs. While it is home to the country’s wealthiest exports and imports there also those who try to take advantage of its good positioning in the east African region. Progress for the county citizens such as these is both welcome and important in achieving the goals of the county’s agenda.

Source: Original article appeared in Standard Digital Media

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