Digital Video Content Proves Popular in Kenya 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services.

According to a GfK ViewScape survey, 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services. Video content is very popular in Kenya and an estimated two-thirds of that percentage pay for online video content. The ViewScape survey covered Africa for the first time. Launching surveys in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. GfK ViewScape surveys 1250 Kenyans with internet access and presented interesting findings.

One in four Kenyans downloads pirated content. Free movies and series regular are available on a number of streaming sites. Making this mode popular for free video content including newly released films and episodes. 94% of Kenyans watch YouTube videos. It has become a popular platform for vloggers and bloggers to showcase lifestyle and beauty services. It is also used as a platform to promote their content, with a very receptive Kenyan audience. However, as much as Kenyans love free video television is still the country’s most popular place to watch a video.

A reported 98% of the country’s adults continue to watch linear television. This includes a paid tv subscription which has not suffered from online streaming services. As of now, Josiah Kimanzi of GfK reports that customer satisfaction with TV is low compared to free online and subscription videos. But, only 6% have replaced TV with subscription video on demand (SVOD). This includes services like Netflix that launched in Kenya in 2015, Safaricom’s Showmaxx and Viusasa.

ViewScape is confident that the survey shows the digital revolution taking place in Kenya. As the digital platform continues transforming video consumption behavior.DVD and Blue Ray are still popular, with many Kenyans preferring because of the cost of prepaid connectivity. For both Wi-Fi and SVOD. GfK ViewScape is also the first company to survey broadcast television consumption in the three African countries. Their interest being in how linear and online forms of content fit together in the dynamic world of video content.

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