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Dokeos Hosting Solutions

Free Setup of Dokeos 1.8.5. On Your Domain

Get the latest version of Dokeos installed on your website. If you only need dokeos core (without don't videoconference and oogie) then this is the most cost-efective solution. Price start at only $9.99/mo with a choice shared or a VPS server...







Dokeos with VideoConference and Oogie

VideoConference and Oogie modules are the real gem of the Dokeos elearning platform. You can now get a complete key in the hand solution with fully working oogie and videoconference within just a few hours.





Already have a live dokeos website?

We will transfer your whole dokeos site hands-free without any disruption to the service. Just pick out any hosting plan, order it and email us to initiate the transfer.

If you're n ot happy with your current host there's no reason for staying any longer...