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Domain Transfer

Domain transfer is the process through which clients move their domain names from a registrar to another.In most cases, companies and individuals who have more than one domain prefer to have one specific registrar for all their domains. At times, domain transfer is done to facilitate change of ownership of a domain name. Different domain owners opt for domain transfer for various reasons, including:

  • Quality of web hosting services.
  • Prices charged for domain registration.

Domain transfer is usually procedural and can fail due to various reasons. Before a client applies for domain transfer at Mambo Microsystems, they are advised to check whether the status of their domains can allow for a transfer at that time. Usually domain transfers can fail due to various reasons namely:

  • Present evidence of fraud linked to a domain name.
  • Outstanding debts for domain registration.
  • Domain name has already expired.
  • Domain name has not existed for long enough to be eligible for domain transfer.
  • Domain is blocked for a reason known to your registrar.

Once a client has cleared their domain name with their current registrar, they are required to follow the domain transfer procedure set by Mambo Microsystems. Our domain transfer procedure involves:

1. Request and Purchase for Domain Transfer

To successfully transfer your domain from one registrar to Mambo Microsystems, you must request and purchase a domain transfer package. Once we process a domain transfer successfully, the client usually receives an e-mail that contains the transaction ID and the security code as well. Once clients have received this information from Mambo Microsystems, the next step is requesting for an authorization code from their current domain name registrar. With your authorization code, you can begin to process your domain transfer with us. To successfully process a domain transfer, you need to do the following:

  • Verification of Domain Availability

At this stage, clients are required to provide their domain names to us to check whether they are available in our domain register. Once they determine that a domain is available, the next step is providing details that are important in facilitating smooth domain transfer.

  • Provision of Domain Settings

Different clients prefer different settings for their domain set up. To ensure that your domain name is set up according to your preferences at the time of domain transfer, clients are usually requested to provide accurate details to us. Our professionals only work with the instructions provided by the clients.

2. Domain Transfer Process

With authorisation codes from their current domain registrar, clients can begin the transfer process with Mambo Microsystems. At this stage, they are required to provide the authorisation code given to them by their domain registrar to facilitate the completion of the domain transfer by our staff. As soon as we process a domain transfer, the old domain registrar notifies their clients on the pending process. This is usually sent to notify clients of the process and also provides a link they can use to cancel the process if the domain transfer is not the initiative of the owner. This link should always be ignored by clients who requested for the domain transfer to Mambo Microsystems.

3. Domain Transfer Completion

As soon as the period provided by a client’s current domain registrar to cancel a domain transfer process expires, Mambo Microsystems processes the domain transfer. With that process done, our clients can begin to enjoy our services.