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Professional .KE Domain Registration Service

  • What is a .KE registration service? Are .ke domains SEO friendly? How easy is it to get a .KE domain? These are some of the questions that people ask when they want to register a domain in Kenya. In brief, it is very easy and straight forward to register a .KE domain. All you need is to find a KENIC approved and accredited web hosting service and they will aid you in the registration process.

    Why Go for A .KE Domain?

    If you seek to improve your business visibility, hence more clients and a higher income, you need to have a website for it. When making a website, you need to have a domain and hosting. These two components allow you to get the space you need online to get your brand out there to the global audience.

    The choice of a domain for your business website is very important. You should choose a domain that helps your website rank well in the search engines, as well as ease the location identification procedure of your website visitors. Your website visitor should be able to tell in an instant where your business is located without taking so much time visiting your about us page or the contact page.

    A website that represents a business entity which operates within the Kenyan boundaries would therefore be best if it has a .ke domain. This .ke domain indicates that that business is registered and operation in Kenya. This can be a (company), (organization), (academic institution) and so on depending on the nature of the business.

    .ke domains are awarded by KENIC, which certifies and authorizes other web hosting companies in Kenya to issue the same domains to Kenyan businesses. When going for a .ke domain, make sure you use a hosting company that is registered in Kenya and is also certified by KENIC to offer this service. is one of the leading web hosting Services Company that also offers .KE domain registration services. It is approved and accredited by KENIC, besides bagging a number of other local and international web hosting awards. It is arguably, the best web hosting Services Company in Kenya and the larger East African region owing to its 100% automated web hosting services that include .KE domain registration service.

    In a summary;

  • .KE domains are very SEO friendly, even allowing you to dominate local searches

  • is the one of the most reliable and affordable .KE domain registrar

  • Mambo Microsystems is approved and accredited to register .KE domains by KENIC