Ecommerce Developers in Kenya

E-commerce also called internet commerce, is the purchase and selling of goods or services on the internet. It takes place on a website that permits the transfer of money and data for the execution of transactions.  Ecommerce is the transaction of goods and services, whereas e-business is about all aspects of an online business. 

 If you are new to ecommerce there in need to find a professional company to help identify the best strategy for developing ecommerce strategy that capitalizes on online sales. 

How to Utilize Ecommerce Developers in Kenya  

Ecommerce Developers in Kenya like will help you to define the way to get into ecommerce.   You will get the appropriate advice depending on your needs.  You can get a web developer to develop a business website if the cost is within your budget. Another option is to join a developed ecommerce platform. It saves money and time. 

Ecommerce Platform  

If you choose the option of ecommerce platform, the process will be simple if you are working with the likes on mambo Microsystems Ltd. It is an associate of different ecommerce platforms that it can customize to suit the requirements of your ecommerce store, transactions and customers. 

These platforms include:  

  • Magento
  • zencart
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Drupal Commerce


Are you in need of a responsive and interactive, intuitive and an up-to-date Ecommerce application? Our Desing and Developing team is ready to employ all possible efforts backed up with tons of experience to craft them for you.

The association and knowledge of terms, as well as performance by ecommerce platforms, is an opportunity to get guidance on these aspects that guide your choice. 

Pricing: The processing fees are different at various platforms so you should pick one that provides the essential features at affordable rates. 

Integrations:   A platform should have tools in the form of integrations and plugins that help to run the business. Plugins help to manage sales, revenues, taxes and profits while Apps help with the shipment of the products. Email marketing tools help to maintain contact with customers. A good platform should have an integration that helps in rewarding customers. 

SEO friendliness: A platform should be SEO friendly because it will give your store a high rank in search results so quick to notice by customers searching for products or services similar to those you offer online. 

 Mobile friendliness:  more than half of searches are from mobile devices so it is essential to find a platform that allows easy access of your business website on mobile devices as some of them will continue to purchase. 

Ecommerce Website Development  

 An ecommerce website is also a good option, but you should make a point of finding designers with an excellent track record.     Many ecommerce merchants have benefitted from the experience of in designing websites for different industries. You will get a custom website to your type of business. This knowledge is an advantage because the designing will take the lesser time that it will take a developer who does not have an understanding of the industry, thus requires explanation frequently. 

You will get a website that has superb customer experience. The team of designers and developers will create an end-to-end system focusing on these aspects that attract the customers: 

  • Smooth communication
  • Good user experience for shoppers
  • Simple checkout process
  • Detailed product description and clear photos
  • Clear design and simple navigation
  • Automation of workflow
  • Management of financial transactions

Ecommerce website development at comes with free submission to search engines, hosting account, custom logo and marketing book. 

Ecommerce is the future of business. It is essential to hire services of established ecommerce developers in Kenya as they know how to design an excellent strategy for your brand to profit from consumer trends. 

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