Google Acts as a Gatekeeper on the Play Store. Google tightens belt on rogue apps

Android is by far the platform with the widest variety of apps to choose from as well as the most used store for mobile applications. To date, Android is available on over 24,000 different devices offered by over one thousand three hundred brands to users worldwide. These users rely on Android to deliver the more than one million applications on the store main platform, the Google Play Store.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and as a result, it is difficult to maintain uniform and consistent user-centered experience when it applies to both hardware and software. Google is a company that focuses a lot of mobile responsiveness when it comes to speed and even ease of navigation on mobile. It also strives to offer its customers the best quality content via their search engine. Keeping that in mind, Google has made it a priority to provide the necessary security measurements for its users.

Today there are more threats on its play store platform than in the earlier days. Due to current online threats that increase by the day, Google has been proactive in monitoring the play store for apps that do not meet all their guidelines. The developers and content creators are responsible for following the required guidelines but some flout the regulations. Such apps are normally flagged and even deleted by the tech giant.

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More than that, apps that are similar to existing ones on the store, are usually not permitted but the play store. This means the copycats have no way in. The rules have gotten stricter and monitoring has become more engaging. Google is keen on providing value to its users, therefore, developers aiming to make a quick buck are stopped even before their game begins, literally. What such developers do is, copy the content made by existing developers and launch similar games to confuse the users on the play store.

Apps that are also developed to serve users nothing more than spam in the form of apps are flagged and stopped by the play store gatekeepers. This includes apps that impersonate organizations, people and those that hide their identities or are unclear. Apps that have adult content while passing off as child-friendly will also be pulled from the store. A similar exercise was undertaken by YouTube; whereby videos with child-friendly names having adult content were flagged and pulled down from the site. The efforts are still ongoing.

In addition to unfriendly content. Mobile applications featuring handling of firearms have been put to a stop by the play store. Such apps are no longer welcome, and it is a direct reflection of the Americans’ ‘March for our lives’ campaign that seeks to legalize gun control. There is also the fact that, it has become a serious problem for Americans who continue to be at the mercy of psychotic gun-wielding youth and adults alike.

To the lovers of the blockchain movement, the will be surprised to not that cryptocurrency applications are barred from the play store. This is an obvious play at fraudulent online transactions, that will later leave a trail back to google. The guys at Google have been smart about who to let into the club, and cryptocurrencies are out. Bitcoin is all the rage right now and while some are ecstatic about digital cash, others are skeptical about the bubble that threatens to burst and blow their life’s wealth away.

Apple has already banned cryptocurrency apps on their platform as well. Sending alarm bells ringing for anyone. For those who are curious to understand more about blockchain, the internet is rife with articles and videos on how to invest, and make exchanges using Bitcoin. It is always good to do your research irrespective of the hype surrounding a new venture. To date, many become have become millionaires and billionaires from cryptocurrency investments. That said, the new regulations Google has taken are set to have a positive impact.

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