Google Chrome has a New Design for its 10th Anniversary What to expect on the new user interface


Alphabet celebrated the 10th anniversary for their pioneer search engine browser chrome. For its anniversary Google announced some changes for the world’s most popular browser. The changes are both aesthetic and functional for their millions of users.

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Most notably their app has a flatter looking design that is more in line with googles material design principles. The look is slightly changed, but significant enough to tell the difference. These changes can be viewed on both mobile and desktop. Another thing to note with the new chrome designs, logos and icons will be easier to see when you have several tabs opened at once. Making it easier to navigate.

Additionally, other design elements have been modified and simplified at different points in the app. When it comes to utility and usability some of the changes include an autofill and password manager for more accuracy across different sites. A strong password can now be auto-generated for users that will be linked to your personal Google account. A neat and convenient tweak for users that will come in handy.

The Omnibox, which is the official name for the search bar can also show you more information without having to open a new tab. Tabs can also be searched for within the Omnibox when you are overwhelmed with open tabs that have now become too small to read. In addition to simplifying searching for information on open and unopened tabs, it will also be possible to search for items on your Google Drive through the search bar! There will be no need to log onto your own private drive to find files and photos anymore.

For regular chrome users, there will be the option to set your own background image and create a shortcut for your favorite sites on the new tab page to make it easier to get to your favorite blogs, news sites, and work-related pages. Google has stated that they are continuing to work on the launching time for the browser, latency which referees to and better memory use among other exciting things. The new chrome rolls out officially on September 4th for eager users who cannot wait to use their new version.

The new user interface is available for Android and iOS as well for those who love browsing from the convenience of their smartphones. The Google management team via blog post also indicated that the new chrome would offer a faster experience for its users (although it is still going to get better). The aesthetics of chrome lead towards a more rounded look and tabs, much like the new Gmail look that was uncovered recently. They are very similar. As for the mobile browsing, speeds have been increased and the toolbar has been moved for the iOS users for an easier reach. The toolbar has been relocated to the bottom for an easy tap, to start typing.

Additionally, the prompts, menus, and URLs have bee simplified for the users in the address bar. We all know simplicity is key, and Google is a master at making their devices and software easy to use and navigate with. From now on the autofill has been advanced to not only accommodate your passwords but also, your credit card numbers safely and accurately. It can be a little scary when you automatically click that save but when using an alien device when inputting sensitive information. In general, the way they handle passwords has been greatly improved.

The good thing is, on personal devices, laptop or smartphone, the passwords have been saved for your convenience. The Omnibox as mentioned before has been improved to show search results in the address bar, giving you the option to just read definitions and searches without even having to open the tab entirely. The results are also richer making it a great experience for chrome lovers worldwide.


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