Google Phone App to Block Spam Calls Google makes its first steps to fight spam

In the age of fake news, spam emails, fraudsters online and fintech theft mobile phone users have grown weary of conmen and more careful. Due to a large number of online fraudulent schemes, people have become more cautious and take the time to install apps that will protect their phones from malware and personal information being stolen. Hence, both Google and Apple users have installed the popular True caller to notify them of a spam caller even before they pick up the call. Any access given to a spammer can automatically lead to theft.
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To curb this kind of situation and to instill confidence in users, Google has now launched its own spam alert app, that blocks spam callers immediately. The tech giant has decided to bring its own app to the competitive field of mobile apps to streamline spammers. While using the new Google app, the screen goes red to indicate a spam phone call coming in which is immediately redirected to voice mail for the caller to leave a message. The google app bars the phone from ringing so it does not bother you. No notifications are sent out prior to register a spam phone call, but the number is available in your history.

Google hopes to create an ample database of spam numbers to be able to identify spam callers even in your local area. In case the spam numbers are not filtered, users are welcome to report spam numbers for registration. The support page of the Google phone app is regularly updated to show new changes and the same goes for some devices. Furthermore, if you do not feel comfortable, collecting voicemails of spam callers this feature can be switched off on the app. However, before you fall victim to a conman, install a spam alert app as soon as possible!

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