Google to Launch its First AI Center in Ghana Artificial Intelligence is making its debut in Africa

Google has announced that it will be opening its first artificial intelligence center in Africa later this year. The center will be based in Accra, Ghana. Google is a proud software forward company and implements elements of artificial intelligence in its products. From Google camera in their flagship phone Pixel, Google photos, and Google Assistant. The AI branch in Accra will serve as a research center to advance artificial intelligence
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The AI center will bring together top machine learning researchers and engineers. Google wants to collaborate with local universities, engineers, and policymakers on the potential use of AI in Africa. Google has open positions for research scientists and software engineers at the data center. This AI center is the first in Africa but not the first of its kind. Google has AI centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Toronto, Montréal, Paris, Tel Aviv and Zurich in their locations outside America. In America, their locations include; Boston, Seattle and their Mountain View headquarters in California.

The localization of the projects undertaken in Google might filter through and be adopted by Google products later on. Google has also ventured into Africa through entrepreneurship. They launched the Google Accelerator program in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa earlier this year. The accelerator program gives a chance for entrepreneurs to accelerate their products and services during the program.

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