How can Robots Help Humanity Increase People’s Daily Productivity?

From warehouse automated robots to robot arms for healthcare, robots are the future and we are just getting introduced. Machine learning and robotics have rapidly progressed to move from the science labs into our homes and places of work. Domestic robots like the iRobot were introduced to help with chores in the home like vacuuming, while new advancements like Chili a robot, supposed to help kids make healthy food choices and form good eating habits. This is no wonder the investment going into robotics has increased more than ten times, with the potential and possibilities of the robotics field being limitless and highly lucrative at best.
Human interaction user bots are designed for children and programmed to respond to different human emotions and reactions. Introducing children to robots while still young encourages artificial intelligence know-how while still at a tender age and deep learning that could spark curiosity and further development to advance artificial intelligence in the near future based on first-hand human interaction. Robots like Bandit is designed to encourage physical activity in the older generation, serving as a reminder for exercise routines.
While robots are slowly being introduced into society and education, in the workplace Eco Mapper is an example of an automated bot that can perform independent tasks on its own in the field of marine biology. Studying the sea has been made less of a risk and more accurate by reaching the sea levels prohibited to man accessing areas once hidden and unknown to mankind. Drones have on the combat field for a long time. Humanly operated to bring down harmful militia, study an area or level a humanly restricted area due to poisonous gases they have proven to be useful in the field at large. Drones have also been used for surveillance and for entertainment and sports activities among friends.
Robot arms for manufacturing and healthcare have not only shielded mankind from dangerous activity but have also saved the lives of many by performing risky surgeries and medical procedures. So far, robots are improving man’s daily productivity by working faster and smarter in the warehouse to manufacture and assemble better working goods while keeping a man from safety and health hazards. More goods produced also means a more profitable economy. Man Is also working harder to develop better software for a more advanced programming. They have also proven useful to help man making better eating choices and work out regularly which results in a better oriented and well-rounded employee who will be more efficient in the workplace.
For the man or woman at home, performing homely work means parents can spend more time with their children to make them more productive and morally upstanding human beings which leads to a better dynamic in society and general awareness for others. Studying with robots from a young age does intensify the learning opportunity and creativity of every child which provides a set up to become more fully engaged in the learning process by asking several fundamental questions leading to new innovative solutions and inventions.

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