How to buy mail domain in Office 365 Buying domain via Office 365

Office 365 is the office cloud services offered by Microsoft for business and enterprise solutions. Microsoft has gone the inclusive way to offer plans for students and home users. This could be a freelancer or a remote worker. Office 365 now has a plan for you. Students who also need to work offline or use the whole Microsoft productivity suite for their school work, now have the same privilege. Office 365 has received a lot of praise for its functionality and all-around effectiveness.

The ease of things is prevalent in office 365. Their numerous apps for the office make it easier to collaborate with others and work in teams. Skype is available for business plans and higher. It encourages teamwork and makes it efficient to make presentations and conference calls. It also makes emailing easy. It allows for use of their outlook mail system for users on the office 365 subscription as well as other systems. For those who have a GoDaddy site or would like to purchase one, you can now do it directly from office 365. The set up will be done by the Microsoft team.
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Meaning you do not have to stress about how to make it work on office 365. If you already have a domain name on GoDaddy you can update office 365 and start using that domain name directly within office 365. The procedure is simple. When you click Buy A Domain name from within office 365, a wizard will help you make the purchase and set it up using office 365. You first have to put in the domain you would like and check for its availability. If it is available, you can then click and buy it. If it’s not available, you may have to review and search for a different name that is available.

There are a number of domains to choose from the GoDaddy site. The following domains are regarded as top level: .biz, .com, .info, .me, .mobi, .net, .org,. tv,, For office 365 users interested in creating a new domain name, these options should help them select what goes best for their business. It also helps to consider simple and easy to use domain names. More so, a name that will be easy to remember for your clients and applicable to your business. Choosing catchy phrase names that do not apply could be embarrassing for you in the future. Especially when you just wanted to appear ‘cool’ when you applied for the name.
Choose a username that will immediately say what your business is about. It should be a name that will be easy to place on your stationery and other office materials for branding.

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When setting up, an email is sent to the registered contact for domain verification. Much like any account for security purposes. This is actually very basic and is expected for all private accounts. Such as bank app accounts and the likes. There is also the option of using a TXT record to verify your domain. Follow the instructions provided to add the DNS record to your registrar’s website. This particular process can take up to thirty minutes to verify. Once the record has been added.

Once the set up is done, you are free to send email using your domain name just as before. The office 365 services are also available for use after the set up has been completed. All your office needs are grouped in one place and work is made convenient for you. Teammates and colleagues can be guided on this procedure as well if it is necessary.

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