How to buy office 365 for a very cheap price.

Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to meet your organization’s needs. Since its introduction, it has been revolutionary as a cloud service for office productivity. Their plans have been adapted to fit different demographics and business ranges. Initially, Microsoft focused its attention on enterprise centered products. Although office 365 greatly covers the need for established business students and freelance professionals have also been considered this time around. The prices for these services vary on the number of users and of course the functionality. Based on what you need various apps and software for.

Options include those for small businesses, education (including students and schools), government (for government departments and offices), non-profit for non-profit organizations, home users, and first line workers. There are also individual services for business class emails, file storage and sharing as well as for online meetings. This should normally take place for a multinational company or remote workers. It allows colleagues to stay in touch and have updated information.

For a small business, there is an $8 dollar per month package, called the office 365 business. Which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Access and One drive. If you are familiar with the Microsoft tools then you are aware they are highly useful and common. Making for a popular choice. This option does not include business emails. Another similar package is Business premium and business essentials. Business premium goes for $12.50 per month and includes more services such as exchange, share point, Skype for business and Microsoft teams.

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Skype for business is designed to make the most out of online business meetings. The business essentials package does not include office applications but instead caters for business emails and the exchange, share point, one drive, Skype and Microsoft teams’ services. It is also the cheapest for the small business range going for $5 a month. On top of the office applications, intranet via SharePoint should make it easier for employees to connect during office hours. The video conferencing is also accommodating a large number of up to 250 people.

Customer manager application, Outlook customer manager is also available for users. Microsoft bookings help you manage your teams better and Microsoft planner tasks into account your tasks and the teamwork deadlines. Therefore, it is value for money at the end of the day. To communicate with first-line workers, Kaizala is available and works very much like WhatsApp. Therefore, you are always in the know about what is going on, on the ground. There is also the much needed 24/7 support for your business via phone and web.

Other plans range from $8-$35 per month. Office 365 proplus, 365 enterprise E1, for $12, 365 E3 for $20 dollars and 365 E5 for $35. At this point, advanced security analytics and voice capabilities are part of the product services. It packs a punch and users are guaranteed Microsoft can handle all their data and sensitive information seamlessly. Tools such as legal hold and data loss prevention among others are included. Generally, the more expensive, the more value. However basic needs can also be accommodated here if that is what you value.

If you are looking for a cheap price for the office package you will have to settle for the offers that cover only the office applications available. They are cheaper in the long run. It also helps when you make one-off payments. Having the constant reminder that you have a pending bill, is not one that makes it feel like a cheap service. More than that, the one-off payment usually has a few dollars off the price.

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